Letzebuerg.net, e-Hosting.lu & Website.de join LuxHosting to boost clients’ success online

LuxHosting Sàrl, a leading website hosting company in Europe, welcomes luxhosting.com, luxhosting.com and luxhosting.com clients as all three brands merge on its platform. By merging the services, these clients gain access to more robust website hosting solutions and website tools that promises a greater chance for expansion and online success. LuxHosting also solidifies its position as one of Luxembourg best but also as a world leader for Colocation hosting and website development tools.

LuxHosting operates out of Luxembourg and runs under the Zonat Sàrl umbrella – the company that also manages Hosting.co.uk and MonsterHost. It is already one of the leading cloud hosting providers in Europe with the fastest growth, offering a wide range of services perfect for individuals, startups, and large companies.

We are very happy to consolidate the brands and welcome all the new clients. LuxHosting not only provides fast and secure web hosting, but it’s a partner with the right website tools to accelerate online success. Clients can now access more powerful cloud solutions like Secure Business Hosting, faster Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and fully customizable Dedicated Servers on LuxHosting,” explained LuxHosting’s CEO, Frederick Schiwek.

What to expect from LuxHosting? 

LuxHosting prides itself with managing first-class Hosting at a tier IV data center with an ISO 14001 certification and security certification ISO 27001 in Luxembourg. The tools, information, and resources website owners need to successfully implement their ideas on the digital scene is all made available on LuxHosting.

Along with the consolidation, LuxHosting also made available anSSL wizard, optimized dedicated server options, and even more tailored Cloud Hosting services and website tools. 

Additionally, the business guarantees continuous server uptime and has a team of on-site professionals who monitor the Hardware and tend to clients’ needs around the clock. Clients looking for custom services can book a call through its newly added free expert consultation service.

Why choose LuxHosting?

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Modern Colocation Hosting solutions and website services from LuxHosting, enable people all over the world to prosper online. Aside from providing high-performance hosting, security features, and AI-powered website templates, LuxHosting also provides an infrastructure built to enterprise standards.

LuxHosting continues to partner with leading companies globally to bring clients a first-class hosting solution. It continues to run its network on redundant and reliable networks that facilitates long-term access and reduces downtime.

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It’s worth mentioning that Luxhosting has stat-of-the-line hardware that runs the latest Kingston SSD storage and multicore Xeon processors on Dell Supermicro servers.

Clients who use LuxHosting are typically satisfied with the high-standards of security, server performance and website uptime. This the company credits to its highly experienced development team and network administrators. The network is compatible with cPanel, Plesk along with other control panels. It incorporates BitNinja server security and also provides anti-malware and DDoS defense for online businesses.

About luxhosting.com, luxhosting.com and luxhosting.com

All three brands are top webhosting platforms for building, maintaining, and growing an online presence. These companies enable users to fully own their online presence, data, and interactions with clients. LuxHosting will not only provide the tools they need to succeed online but it will also offer a comprehensive network to foster growth and boost security.

About LuxHosting

Founded in 1995, LuxHosting Sàrl is a leading provider of web hosting, domain registration, and website services for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. The company continues to provide top-notch Cloud hosting solutions and related services to customers. LuxHosting proudly serves more than 200 million web pages each month and is devoted to supplying the best website hosting and domain registration services to its devoted customers.

You can learn more about Luxhosting here and visit the comprehensive blog or tutorials to learn more about the service on our website.