Use Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting.

Reap the benefits of our high-end dedicated servers and to accelerate your online success.

  • Boost performance with robust SSD servers
  • DDoS & anti-malware defense for online business
  • Get better security and essential email tools
  • Expert support when you need it

Top SSD Dedicated Server Hosting Services & Pricing

Choose high performance dedicated servers to run vital applications and grow your business. Get all the resources you need with no sharing and no restrictions.

Intel Xeon Gold 5118

An entire server just for you

intel inside logo

12 x 2.30 GHz

64 GB DDR4


500 GB

SSD Storage



Intel Xeon Gold 5118

More computing resource, faster executions

intel inside logo

12 x 2.30 GHz

128 GB DDR4


1 TB

SSD Storage



2x Intel Xeon Gold 5118

More storage for high-efficiency and highest performance

intel inside logo

24 x 2.30 GHz

192 GB DDR4


2 TB

SSD Storage



2x Intel Xeon Gold 5118

The ultimate plan for resource demanding projects

intel inside logo

24 x 2.30 GHz

256 GB DDR4


4 TB

SSD Storage



* Each server has a data pipe with a standard speed of 100 Mbps. After finalizing your order, you may manually request a 1GB data pipe for just €10 a month.

*2 separate IP addresses and unlimited traffic included in all our dedicated server plans.

*All our prices exclude VAT, and will be added where applicable.


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Every Dedicated Server plan contains:


Choose between an SSD and an HDD.

With HDD or Kingston SSDs (up to 25X faster) storage options, we have you covered whether you want lightning-fast read/write speeds or a ton of storage space.


Extremely fast hosting

With the ability to enhance speed over time, each server is individually created utilizing the most recent open-source technologies.


Easy scaling

You may instantly upgrade to expand the amount of storage that is accessible on your server. Assistance also provided though support.


Quick provisioning

Your server will be assembled specifically by our team of experts, racked, and networked within 24-72 hours and with a 4-hour support response guarantee.


Advanced Admin rights.

Seasoned user? You can execute custom installations and more with optional full root access, which gives you limitless access.


Reliable Array of Independent Disks

Our top-notch storage setup employs RAID 1, replicating your data for increased security and safety.


Expert assistance for dedicated hosting.

Every plan includes free dedicated hosting assistance. Fully managed support and task-based services are two optionally available premium server administration services.


A 30-day money-back promise

You have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund of your hosting costs. There are constraints.

Europe’s Top-rated Dedicated Servers to Accelerate your success.

Why use LuxHosting’s Dedicated servers?

There are no restrictions on how you may configure, optimize, and manage your resources when you have your own single-tenant server. And LuxHosting will be there to support you in updating and maintaining everything.

Our dedicated servers are always equipped with the most recent Intel Xeon CPUs, Kingston SSDs, and the fastest network in Europe. Other characteristics of dedicated servers include:

  • 99.9% Server uptime
  • Unmanaged dedicated servers
  • Free & fast migration
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

Fully loaded dedicated Hosting for Unrivalled performance

Get your very own high-performance server, no competition and no sharing. It’s ideal for System administrators, agencies and developers in small and large enterprises. There are no restrictions on how you may configure, optimize, and manage your resources. Plus, our experts are here to support you every step of the way.

Operating Systems for LuxHosting Dedicated Servers


Linux OS

When ordering, pick an operating system from the list below

FreeCentOS Linux (cPanel compatible)
FreeDebian Linux
FreeFedora Linux
€ 15.00CloudLinux (cPanel compatible)

Windows OS

When ordering, pick an operating system from the list below.

Windows Server Standard 2019 OEM(16-cores)
Windows Server Standard 2022 OEM(16-cores)

Flexible and strong Hosting Dedicated

Our specialized, cutting-edge dedicated server solution is constructed on an advanced, robust foundation. 


Unmanaged server

Advanced users may have total control over everything, from the operating system to Apache, with our unmanaged dedicated website hosting. You will have total control over the configuration of your server to suit your requirements.


cPanel (Optional)

With any dedicated configuration, you can access our improved cPanel-based interface, which makes it easier to manage all of your websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from a one spot. Yours for €37.99 per month (up to 100 cPanel accounts)


Server Administration

You want to get a dedicated hosting server, but you don't have the time or expertise to run it. All of your servers may be managed by our experts in one place, including backups and the installation of customized software. Yours for only €39.44.

Get a server to power your online projects, that’s solely yours.


Hosted Exchange Email

Get a secure email platform for your business.

Start using a premium email platform to send and receive emails securely from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Hosted exchange is used by over 60 million users worldwide and is the hosted email platform for thousands of companies. Add Hosted exchange to your business plan today.


Acronis Cloud Backup

Acronis cloud storage is adaptable and reasonably priced to safeguard all of your data and files. Your data is always completely within your control. We conduct internal backups of our servers every day in order to prepare for "worst-case situations." To guarantee you have uninterrupted service, we enhanced our backup and restoration solutions.


Support for Dedicated Hosting.

We offer some of the fastest, most secure dedicated hosting solutions. Additionally, you'll receive round-the-clock assistance to help you run your dedicated server like an expert. We are always happy to help.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQ

What exactly is dedicated server hosting?

A website hosting environment that offers the maximum level of resource allocation, privacy, and control is called dedicated hosting. Users of dedicated servers have full freedom to setup their servers anyway they like without interfering with other users' activities or being influenced by those of other users since dedicated servers are totally isolated from one another. 

How does hosting for dedicated servers work?
What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?
How do I know if a dedicated server is right for my project?
Do shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting have any differences?

Yes, of course. The most obvious distinction is that each web hosting service is tailored to certain customer requirements. For instance, shared hosting is similar to a hostel since it houses many people in one structure, in this case a server. Over a hundred users often share the same resources on shared web hosting servers that are divided into separate dedicated servers. This kind of web hosting is quite affordable and well-liked.

VPS resembles an isolated area. All users have a specified space; however, they are all on the same apartment building in the example. On a dedicated server, VPS employs virtual technologies to build a number of "independent virtual servers." Each private server runs separately from the others.

A dedicated server is like a front-line home that you rent. Therefore, sophisticated dedicated servers cost more than virtual private servers (VPS) despite providing noticeably greater resources and power. Not only are resources assigned to you, but the entire server is as well. As a result, you are free to configure the security software, specialized software, and maintenance that you choose.

Can I get a dedicated gaming server?
How many IPs come with hosting for a dedicated server?
What kind of website is not appropriate for dedicated server hosting?
What is RAID, and do your dedicated servers offer RAID?
How long before I receive my dedicated server hosting?

Although it will probably just take a few minutes on average, it might take up to 24 hours or more for us to furnish your account. If you require hosting faster, phone us at and we'll do all in our power to accelerate the process.

How many websites can I host with a dedicated server package from LuxHosting?