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LuxHosting is a reference company for Web HostingDomain registration and Website services for individuals, private and public companies, focussing on Luxembourg and Europe. All our web hosting services come with the basics to get you online as fast and as efficiently as possible. We deliver quality hosting solutions and allied services on our highly secure web hosting network. Our customers always get professional and reliable web hosting for their businesses. Today, we proudly serve over 200 million web pages each month and we thank all our loyal customers for helping with this phenomenal growth.



We’ve joined forces with some of the most secure organisations in Luxembourg and around the globe to give you the best services for your website. We run redundant and reliable networks, that enable water tight security. Based on historical availability of our systems, information is adjusted from time to time.



We own and run data centres in the heart of Luxembourg, the UK and the US. This gives us the ability to control, monitor and secure our servers the way we want. This globally distributed collection of redundant server frameworks, hosts all our services.



Our web hosting servers are located in Luxembourg, Germany, The United Kingdom, The United States and other countries around the world. Every one of our servers are manufactured by DELL PowerEdge with high-performance firewalls, Xeon processors, and Switches from HP.



In addition to running some of the fastest and most powerful monitoring software on our network, we also have real technicians on site. Our servers are fully monitored by computer software and our professionals every day.

Why choose our Web Hosting Services?

LuxHosting is a leading Web Hosting Provider located in the very heart of Luxembourg City and the financial center of Europe. We are quality driven and strive to provide individuals and companies with an easy to use hosting platform.

From a security vantage point, our prime location in a thriving business hub means we have to maintain an exceptionally high standard of security where data security and privacy are priority. It is our mandate to maintain the highest quality security on our systems and in our data centres to meet the needs of our market. This is why we’ve invested in top security and website monitoring software. In addition to this we have highly qualified staff in Luxembourg and other countries at our data centres.

We have been on the web hosting scene since 1995, serving our market with reliable and fast hosting solutions. Our hosting plans are extremely flexible, and our staff are highly responsive and knowledgeable about the services we sell. So, you’ll get the answers you require each and every time you interact with our team.

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