Cloud VPS Virtual Private Servers in Europe

Highly configurable SSD VPS hosting.

  • The most secure managed VPS hosting in Luxembourg
  • Ease-of-use guaranteed with our 1-click software installer
  • Our networks, hardware, and virtual servers perform at top speed
  • Round-the-clock surveillance is included with our plans
  • cPanel License (control panel) Optional.

LuxHosting Cloud VPS Plans

Choose any of our versatile Cloud VPS Hosting plans on a powerful web hosting network. Our VPS plans are fully customisable and offers configurable options for Operating System, CPU, Memory, Website Traffic, cPanel and more.

VPS Standard



  • Processor/CPU 1 CPU Core
  • Storage 25GB SSD
  • RAM 2GB
  • IP Addresses 1x Free IP
  • Only Linux OS /
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain

VPS Enhanced



  • Processor/CPU 4 CPU Core
  • Storage 125GB SSD
  • RAM 4GB
  • IP Addresses 1x Free IP
  • cPanel Control Panel Optional
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain

Custom VPS


Customise your VPS Options

*Fully customisable VPS that offers configurable options for Operating System, CPU, Memory, Website Traffic, cPanel and more

Operating systems


*All our prices exclude VAT, and will be added where applicable.



Intel CPU BASE virtualization

Reading Speed 500 MB/s
Write Speed 500 MB/s
IOPS 95000
Raid Level RAID 5 (3 replicas)
Virtualization KVM


Location Luxembourg
Connection > 100 Gbps
Switch Connection > 10 Gbps
IPv4 check_circle
Traffic Fair use

Web Server

Nginx check_circle
AppacheHTTP check_circle

Operating system & Control panel

Supported Linux OS Almalinux, CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian
Supported Windows Server OS Windows server 2019, Windows server 2022
Supported Control Panels Plesk, cPanel, no control panel

More Functions

Statistics check_circle
CronJobs Unlimited


Service Level Basic
Software Update check_circle
Backup Optional
Monitoring check_circle
Costumer Interface check_circle
Email support check_circle


Contract Term 1 month, optional longer
Notice period 1 day before the end of billing cycle.

VPS hosting features

We power our Cloud VPS with the latest virtualization technology and SSDs to give your website the maximum power it deserves to carry out its day-to-day operations. That’s why we focus on using advanced technology on the best VPS server network to give you super-fast connections and amply redundancy. So, no matter where you are in the world you can expect fast loading sites – especially for visitors based in Luxembourg.


SSD Virtual Private Servers

All our Cloud VPS server use SSD, which speeds up the file and data transfers. Giving you ultra-fast performing websites – always!


Clean Dedicated IP Addresses

All plans come with a dedicated IP address. However, you can configure your plan to purchase up to 4 clean dedicated IP addresses. Not finding the option? Contact us.


Programming support you can trust

For each account you create, you get full programming support. That is, our VPS hosting plan supports all the programming languages you already use like MySQL, PHP, Perl, CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails HTML5, JavaScript, Python, and more.


Scalability provides a wide range of VPS plans tailored to suit your websites’ individual needs. However, if after configuring your plans you need to upgrade/downgrade, know that you can do it at any time.


Proxmox Cloud Hypervisor

We use Proxmox cloud hypervisor, an open source platform is best for managing cloud environments in cluster mode. It is great for managing software-defined storage, networking, and other features.


Managed VPS vs. Premium VPS

We offer Managed and Premium Managed VPS Hosting. Managed VPS gives you control of your server however, we still carry out basic server updates. With the Premium Managed VPS, we configure the server, install and manage your VPS for you.

The Privacy and Reliability you need. Select a VPS plan here


Not only are our VPS hosting services packed with advanced features, there are also distinct advantages to purchasing a plan from

VPS Hosting Advantages

Security and Power when it matters

All our plans are scalable and our VPS server price is very competitive. So, if you’re looking for quality equipment and secure networks, you’ve come to the right place. With our servers you will experience a fast, secure and stable VPS hosting environment.

  • cPanel Hosting is available with VPS plans
  • *99.9% uptime is standard with our service
  • Server OS maintenance options available
  • Proxmox for KVM advanced cloud management 

In addition to these services, we use Ceph (a software defined storage solution) to run our cloud, and we have three identical virtual machines scattered over all of our servers. This helps to prevent data loss and to provide us the advantage of quickly running a virtual machine on a different node in the cluster.  


* Based on historical availability of our systems, information is adjusted from time to time.

Maximum control of your VPS infrastructure

Another one of our VPS hosting advantages is that you can choose how much control you want to exercise over your servers. You can manage your own VPS hosting service totally autonomously from your account with full root access.

So, you can login to the admin field to manage and run your site from anywhere in the world. Plus, you also have control of the apps that run on your server. You are responsible for installing and configuring your custom software, for configuring memory and storage, and for monitoring security. You have all the advantages of a dedicated server allocated to you, but without the associated high costs.

On the other hand, you can purchase a managed VPS service for your selected plan. Depending on your own skill levels, you can use our services so you don’t have to worry about the technical side of your server management. Let our expert technicians take care of all server functions, such as your server updates, maintenance, operating system, cPanel, Apache, and PHP.

Behind the scenes

It is easy to explain why offers the best VPS hosting services. It’s all in our infrastructure:

  • Very strong multi-level network security
  • We employ Ceph - a block, file, and object storage-focused software-defined storage solution. It is dispersed over all machines to prevent data loss and gives us the advantage of running Virtual Machine on various cluster nodes in a matter of seconds. 
  • Our tier IV data center guarantees very reliable data protection, with a redundant power server, as well as a RAID 1+0 disk setup
  • Two networks, one public, and one remote, that guarantee that if one network suddenly goes down, the other network will provide access, letting us easily work on resolving the problem
  • Disk arrays from Dell EqualLogic that provide enormous storage capabilities. In fact, one of our configurations includes 10k rpm drives, each with a storage capacity of 600 Gb!

It’s easy to switch—and it’s free to migrate

If you are already serving up pages of your own website, you can easily switch to Perhaps your server can no longer manage the increasing traffic your site is generating. Or sharing a server with other sites may be slowing down your site’s performance. This would be a good time to migrate your cPanel account for free to Profit from VPS hosting advantages that will keep you in awe of the strong security and robust performance of your site, together with ease of integration.If you do not have cPanel control panel and you’d like to migrate to us request a quote from support here.


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Cloud VPS Hosting FAQs

Why should I use VPS hosting?

If you have a medium to large sized web-based enterprise, or you are encountering high spikes in traffic on your website, then selecting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan will be the way to go. The key to the effectiveness of VPS hosting lies in the term, virtualisation. It is through virtualisation that Cloud VPS servers, or virtual servers that make up segments of a whole network, “own” and run their own resources and applications. For the most powerful, most secure, state-of-the-art VPS servers look to We have been providing VPS services in the Benelux region, Europe and the rest of world for decades.

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