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Managed Hosting

Top 5 Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting

In this guide, you’ll find out why managed hosting is a lifesaver for smaller businesses (and why it might actually end up being more affordable than unmanaged hosting, even though it costs more!) Read more


Domain vs Web Hosting: What’s the difference?

There are many differences between domains and web hosting. If you want to start a website you should really understand the differences.
We’ll look at:
1. Definition of domain and hosting
2. Access websites
3. How to register?
Read for more… Read more


7 Reasons to Redirect Your URL

In this easy-to-read guide, you’ll learn what it means to redirect URL searches, the main types of URL redirect, and seven reasons to redirect your URL to make your website more user-friendly for visitors! Read more


How Much Do SSL Certificates Cost?

If you’re operating a business online then internet security should be a top priority. You need an SSL certificate to help secure your site for your users but you want the cheapest SSL certificate with the best features to ensure your website is safe from cybercriminals. Read more


9 Shared Hosting Security Best Practices

An unsecured website is a risk to your visitors and to you. In this guide, we give you 9 things to look for in a secure web host, so you can choose a provider that cares about hosting security. Read more