Post Hostpack vs LuxHosting

If you’re like millions of other business owners, you’ve probably spent hours researching how to align your website with your brand. You’ve taken your time making sure to get the colours just right, that the copy sounds exactly the way you want your brand to come across, and that your pictures pop against your background. And that’s great! We’re the last people who’d ever suggest you get a boring website. Your website is the face of your business. Some people learn of your brand’s existence for the first time when they stumble across your website. So, branding is important. But every successful website starts with good webhosting.

Luxembourg hosting services are better for your website than hosting services based in other places. So, we’ll do a comparison of Post Hostpack and hosting services.

Before we go any further you might want to think twice before choosing Post Hostpack, we’ll break things down so you can decide. (This isn’t a Post-bashing article, by the way. We like Post fine – just not for hosting!)

So first, how are we similar?

Similarities between Post Hostpack and

  • We both have servers based in Luxembourg. (This is great, because server location affects the speed of your website. The closer your visitors are to your servers, the faster your website will load on their devices.) This means that if your customers or visitors are only from Luxembourg, your website should load very quickly whether you choose Post Hostpack or The real trouble happens when your website is visited by people outside of Luxembourg, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. On to the second thing we have in common:
  • Post Hostpack and both offer website monitoring. We both monitor your website to give you information on your web traffic. Of course, goes a step further and offers a tool you can use to increase site traffic, but again, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
  • Post Hostpack and both offer email accounts with all our plans. Some web hosts skimp on this for their cheapest plans, but we both understand the value of email accounts for your business.

And now for what you really came for: Our differences.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Seven Reasons Customers are Switching from Post Hostpack to

  1. Price
  2. Customer support
  3. SEO tools
  4. SSL certificates
  5. Server locations
  6. Website builder
  7. Free anti-virus and anti-spam

1. Price

We’ll start with the cheapest hosting plans from both providers.

Post Hostpack’s most affordable plan’s most affordable plan
Starts at 2€ per month.


Starts at 0.08€ per month.

So, what about our most expensive plans?

Post Hostpack’s most expensive plan’s most expensive business plan
Starts at 200€ per month. Starts at 41,66€ per month.

But, hey, price isn’t everything. Sometimes, things are more expensive because they’re worth it. What about Post’s most expensive plan? Is it worth the price difference?

Post Hostpack’s most expensive plan’s most expensive plan
Email accounts: 250 Email accounts: Unlimited

You can decide for yourself. And we haven’t even gotten to any of the good stuff, yet. (Just wait till we get to our SEO tool!)

 2. Customer support

Do all customers receive customer support?

Post Hostpack

At, we think all our customers deserve the attention of our stellar customer support team, no matter how little they pay for their plan. (And remember, our plans start at 0,08€!)

At Post Hostpack, if you purchase their 2€ plan, you’d better hope nothing ever goes wrong with your website (and with technology, it’s really only a matter of time), because customers who purchase their cheapest plan get no customer support.

And what about the customer support you do get, provided you bought one of their more expensive plans?

Oddly enough, that was one of the biggest gripes of some of their former customers, who ranted that they felt their complaints were poorly handled and that it was almost as if Post considered their hosting service as being secondary to their main service.

 At, we offer 24/7 support year-round. (Yes, even on bank holidays.)

3. SEO tools

Finally, the good stuff. Here’s where we really take a look at which company is serious about web hosting and which company just sees it as something interesting to dabble in.

Earlier, we mentioned that both Post and offer website monitoring, so you can keep track of site traffic. Well, here’s where we do you one better. We also offer an SEO tool to help you increase your site traffic.

Our SEO tool analyses your site to see what you’re doing wrong and gives you tips on how you can attract more traffic. We also help you get your hands on some of the hottest keywords for websites similar to yours, so you can outrank the competition in search engine rankings!

And what about SSL certificates? We both offer them, so surely things can’t be that different?

 4. SSL certificates

SSL certificates encrypt information that passes between servers and browsers. They’re so essential for online safety that most browsers warn visitors away from websites that don’t have an SSL certificate – chasing away perfectly good traffic!

Because SSL certificates are so important, we include one for free with all our private hosting plans. Post Hostpack does not.

5. Server locations

We both have servers located in Luxembourg, which is great news if you’re expecting all your web traffic to be local. But we think that the point of being online is that you should be able to get visitors outside of your country. That’s why we have servers in multiple countries, including USA and the UK.

6. Website builder

One of our best services (if we do say so ourselves) is our website builder, which Post Hostpack doesn’t even have.

A website builder makes creating a website as easy as putting together a sandwich. You choose a template you like, drag and drop the features you want, and in minutes you’ve created a website that looks as if you’d hired a web developer.

This is one more way that you get better quality hosting when you choose

 7. Free anti-virus and anti-spam

We take your website’s protection seriously, which is why we protect it from viruses and spam at no extra cost. Post Hostpack makes you pay extra if you want protection.

And a bonus reason we’re the better choice:

We have more experience. We’ve got more than 20 years of hosting experience and serve more than 200 million page views per month!

When it comes to Luxembourg hosting services, it’s pretty obvious that is the best choice. If reading this article made you want to join the many customers who’ve made the switch to our superior hosting, just send us a message and we’ll tell you how you can transfer your website without having to start over from scratch!