How to Set Up A Custom Email (And Why You Need One)

A generic email domain dents your reputation. If you’re just starting out, a generic domain pegs you as an amateur. If you’ve been around for a while, a generic domain makes you look cheap. Clients run away from amateurs and skinflints. So, if you want your business to thrive, you need a professional email address with a custom domain.

Here’s why a custom email domain is a great investment:

1. Professional emails help you stand out

You’re not the only company vying for your customers’ attention. And, if you don’t have a custom email domain, you’ve already faded into the background. Your customers won’t buy from you if they can’t even remember you.

2. Helps to boost revenue

It generates more money from your email marketing platforms. You already know that email marketing platforms turns leads into loyal customers who keep choosing your company over your competitors. But think about what happens when your emails hit your customer’s inbox. They get so much spam from so many places that most of them don’t think twice before deleting anything that looks even slightly like spam. A custom email address helps you avoid the dreaded Delete folder.

3. Credibility for your brand

It makes your company look more legitimate.

Customers won’t spend their money with you if they think your business look sketchy. Even though a custom domain name is ridiculously easy to get, most people don’t know that. They think you must have jumped through a lot of hoops and gotten the approval of some very important people, if you have your own custom email domain. And the people who do know how easy it is to get a custom domain think you must be incredibly lazy if you haven’t gotten one yet. A custom email domain is a great way to passively boost your business reputation.

4. It’s effortless marketing

A custom email domain is a great way to passively promote your brand with every email you send! Generic email domains don’t do that. So, now that you know why you need a custom email domain, what else do you need to know?

As it turns out, not a whole lot more. But, in case you’re completely new to the world of email hosting, here’s a quick guide so you don’t get lost in the lingo.

Steps to take to setup your email

Before you get a custom email domain, you’ll need a website domain, web hosting, and email hosting. Your email domain will usually be the same as your website domain, so choose a domain name that’s easy to find and remember.

A domain name is the website address your clients type in when they want to find you. It looks something like

Great web hosting companies will have excellent customer support, but…

You’ll have an easier time communicating what you want if you know the difference between web hosting and email hosting.

What’s the difference between web hosting and email hosting?

Every website is stored on a specialized computer called a server. Web hosting is a service that lets you store your website on the hosting company’s server, so you don’t have to spend loads of time and money operating a server on your own.

Email hosting is just like web hosting, except you store your emails on a server. If you want to streamline your branding by creating an email account that uses your website domain, you’ll need web hosting and email hosting.

Don’t worry too much about this; the best web hosting companies will let you combine your web hosting services with email hosting services.

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Choose a hosting company like Luxhosting, which gives you quick domain registration with free email signup and lets you combine web hosting services with email hosting services.

How to setup free cPanel Email

To get custom domain registration with free email signup on, follow these simple steps after you sign up:

Step 1: Log in to the client area

Enter the email address and password you used when you signed up with LuxHosting. This will take you to the client dashboard, which looks like this:

Luxhosting email setup 2

Step 2: Click on the button that says ‘Services’

Luxhosting email setup 3

That will take you to a page that looks like this:

Luxhosting email setup 5

Heads up: If you have more than one web hosting plan, you’ll need to specify which plan you want to add the updated email domain to. Just click on the plan you’ve chosen, and you’ll be led to the web hosting service dashboard, which is a page that looks like this:

Step 3: Open the email management page

See the little icon under ‘Quick Shortcuts’ that says Email Accounts? Click on that.

Luxhosting email setup 6

This will take you to the cPanel email accounts management page, which looks like this:

Luxhosting email setup 7

Step 4: Create new email user

From this page, you can look at all your email accounts. To create a new email address, click the blue button that says Create.

Luxhosting email setup 8

Enter a username for your email address when you get to the page that looks like this:

Luxhosting email setup 9

Fill in the rest of the page by choosing a password and selecting how much storage space you want your email account to have. Choose a strong password (or generate one) and write it down somewhere safe. To generate a password, click the button beside the password field that says Generate.

Luxhosting email setup 10

To the right of the page, you’ll see how many more email accounts you can create:

Luxhosting email setup 11

If you use up all the available email accounts, don’t worry; you can always buy more by clicking the Buy More option in the same section.

If you’ve followed all these steps, that’s it! You’re done. In less than fifteen minutes, you’ve created a custom email domain that you can use for email marketing platforms, to message your clients, and to get valuable customer feedback.

If video tutorials are more your thing, you can watch the tutorial here:


Your business needs a custom email domain. It’s the only way to gain your clients’ trust and be taken seriously. Old clients might bear with you, but new clients will take their business elsewhere if they think your generic email address means you’re not serious or that you’re just not generating enough money to invest in your company. There’s no point in creating beautiful, interesting marketing campaigns only to undermine them with every email you send. A custom email domain is crucial, because it helps legitimize your brand. Get your hosting and domain email today to complement your brand.