Top 5 Things to Know About VPS Hosting

Whether you are looking to upgrade from a shared hosting service to VPS hosting or you have just started researching if VPS is right for you, it is important to know the key benefits of VPS hosting and what value it can add to your website. VPS itself has become a very popular choice for many individuals and businesses (small and medium-sized alike) because of the varied paybacks associated with an affordable cost. What makes VPS stand out is its likeness to a dedicated server which means there is a vast upside to be gained by using the service.

Let’s take a look at 5 components that should help you make a final decision about VPS hosting.

What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server seen as a main computer that serves as a storage device for the files and data of a client’s website. To access your website, a visitor enters your website into a browser. This server is then responsible to present your website to the visitor’s screen.

The technology of VPS surrounds virtualization and it divides this server into many different virtual servers. Simply put its one physical hardware that allows the server to function as different servers.

How the private applies to Virtual Private Server is defined by a reservation for the user in a virtual sense hence there is no sharing of CPU power or RAM with other users.

So, what is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a service offered betwixt shared and dedicated hosting services. With Virtual Private Server hosting, there are multiple websites that are hosted on a dedicated server. Most noteworthy of all, your website is housed in a singular environment of its own. This simply means all the various components vital to your website’s operation such as RAM, CPU power, dedicated storage and bandwidth is allocated for you only. Inevitably VPS hosting grants you a wide array of benefits at an affordable cost.

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5 Things You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

1. Peak performance in hardware

Performance is a key component online especially when delivering your website to a wide audience. When you select VPS hosting, peak server performance is granted to customers over those who are using a shared hosting service. While this is a reality, there are some hardware components that you should ensure that your provider possess. These components may include high-speed DDR4 memory, the best and latest Intel Xenon processors, RAID controllers and enterprise-class SSD drives. As it relates to storage, SSD storage is preferred to HDD drives and guarantees a greater performance that is fitting for your websites’ applications.

2. Functional control panel

A great graphical user interface is a welcoming experience to any digital user. With VPS, a well-designed control panel makes it easy to maneuver server components.

If you are looking into control panels and which is best for you, there are many generic ones that work quite fine however, there are two that are used by industry leaders. They are Plesk and cPanel. These two are highly supported as well. With Plesk and cPanel, you can easily make adjustments such as configuring firewall, add mailboxes and websites, affix security features and add different applications.  

3. Managed hosting benefits

There is a certain level of autonomy that is attributed to VPS hosting. With VPS hosting, the virtual server is designated to you only hence the expectation is for you to manage it by yourself. This task may be a tedious one if you don’t have a technical background. Tasks such as updating VPS OS, software, patching and ensuring server security.

VPS hosting that provides managed hosting allows you to forget the tedious technical work as this form a part of the service providers offer. These benefits and more such as free-setup are accessible when you start a VPS hosting in Luxembourg.  

4. Access to unmetered bandwidth

Bandwidth comes with many benefits especially as a business owner who wishes to generate more traffic and connect with a larger client base. VPS hosting still remains a great choice among business owners in this regard as attributes such as speed, performance and storage capability is a standard component.

If your bandwidth is limited, that simply means this would be counter-productive to your business expansion goals. Unmetered Bandwidth is the right way to go provided that your provider does not have limitations on the data being sent to and from your server.

5. Access to 24/7 technical assistance

Even if your car has never broken down on the highway and had to call for help, you just can imagine that this situation is not a welcoming one. Similarly, if there is a problem with your website, your wishes would be that someone with technical know-how is readily accessible.

Downtime is never an option and tasks such as the installation of new apps, configuring or reconfiguring server properties or attending to matters of security need technical attention. When opting to start a VPS plan, do ensure that your provider has 24/7 technical support. This service will bring you a very far way and avoid unnecessary downtime among other challenges.


Your business is your priority. The smooth operation of its various components should be equally important. Hopefully having gone through these 5 points, you are further equipped about the importance of managed hosting, access to unmetered bandwidth, choosing the best control panels such as Plesk and cPanel, 24/7 technical assistance and why having a high performing hardware is important to the success of your website with a VPS hosting plan. Also do remember that there are many benefits to be gained when you start a VPS plan in Luxembourg.