Reseller Hosting Authorized Reseller Seal

Web hosting is the means through or by which individuals and companies to post a website on the internet. In fact, this is made possible through a web host or web hosting provider, who offers the services, technologies and resources required to make a website or web page visible on the internet.

Why do companies need web hosting?

If you want a website that you can call your own, an investment in web hosting, is a natural next step in the process, which will require you to get a domain name – which is like your address on the internet. If you don’t own one, the hosting company can help you procure one.

However, the reasons companies need web hosting are as wide and varied as the businesses needing the service, but there are some common factors that can dictate why companies need web hosting.

It gives you:

  • Control over your site
  • More options to customize your site to suit your needs
  • Greater security which could mean the difference between your website failing or succeeding.

What is Reseller Hosting?

As mentioned at the start of this blog, web hosting is what enables individuals and companies to post a website on the internet. But there are different types and means through which hosting services can be provided. Reseller hosting is one such way and is a great tool to use if you’re thinking or have thought of starting your own web hosting company.

But what exactly is reseller hosting?

It is what allows you to sell hosting to others. The principle is simple. You pay for a hosting plan and then sell it back to someone else who needs it to set up a website, for example.

Reseller hosting is best for businesses that will be running a minimum of 10 sites and it’s more frequently used by web designers or businesses that provide or want to offer hosting to clients.

You can look at it like side hustle hosting, with the same quality, structure and credibility expected from any other web host provider. LuxHosting provides this service through our Reseller programme, which now offers Reseller Authorized seller logos.

Who is LuxHosting Reseller programme for?

Web designers, who want to offer a hosting or managed hosting alternative to their clients or a local library or computer shop that wants to provide hosting as a benefit to the local community.

LuxHosting Reseller programme is great for these businesses and others, such as IT companies that want their clients to know that their web hosting services are provided by Luxhosting.

In sum, LuxHosting is perfect for organizations and web-developers who want offer web hosting, web improvement, and design and or internet security, among other web services.

Why use a LuxHosting Authorized user site seal?

  • Helps clients build confidence

Let’s say web hosting is not your main service, but you want your clients to trust you and be confident in the services you offer. You can achieve that by providing an authorized user seal from a credible hosting partner like LuxHosting. It tells clients that you are legitimate; that you are who you say you are.

  • LuxHosting is reliable and has longevity

LuxHosting has been around for more than two decades, making it one of the oldest hosting companies in Luxembourg. In fact, our reliability and the superior quality services we continue to offer have made LuxHosting the number one choice for domain and web hosting packages and more, in Luxembourg. Our history and longevity in the market are indications that you and your clients can trust us and the services we provide.

What are the benefits of the Authorized Seller Logo? 

There are a number of advantages to using the Authorized Seller Logo. Here are four to reasons:

  • The site seal is free and it allows resellers to show their clients that their web hosting provider is in Luxembourg.
  • Provides proof that the web hosting you are reselling is from a highly secured Data Centre.
  • The authorized reseller stamp available for active resellers to display on their site helps clients feel comfortable using a secured service.
  • You can have your services featured on Luxhosting’s Blog and or social media page. Just contact support or message us on our Faceook page, if you want to be featured.

How Set up your Authorized Seller Trust Logo

Applicants must have a valid reseller hosting account with Luxhosting before they can use our Authorized Seller Logo. Additionally, you can register to the Luxhosting Reseller programme, on our website. Once you become a registered reseller, you can choose to use the logo on your website. The best reseller hosting providers provide the highest quality service such as:

  • Uptime
  • Features – such as number of domains offered
  • Help and support
  • Pricing – low starter prices

LuxHosting offers all of the items listed above and:

  • Free Multiple Backup
  • Daily Statistics
  • Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
  • CPanel Hositng
  • Free Scripts
  • Free Webmail via cPanel
  • WHMCS Professional Client Management
  • Free Detailed Logs
  • Round-the-clock surveillance included with plans

These factors make us one of the best Reseller Hosting Services available.


With an Authorized Seller logo, you can take advantage of all the benefits of the programme. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your customers peace of mind. Let them know that your third-party hosting service is from a reliable and well-established Web Hosting Company in Luxembourg. All our reseller plans have Control Panel – cPanel- the world’s most widely used backend administration interface, which offers high quality service, while making it super easy to manage your website like a pro.

LuxHosting uses industry leading security software to secure our servers. Our servers also run SSL certificates to encrypt data and maintain a secured browser to server connection. So, your data’s safety is never a worry for you. So you can freely select from any of our four powerful reseller hosting plans and get started today.