10 Advantages of VPS for Businesses

As a business owner, there are many crucial decisions you will have to make if your business is to stay relevant and more importantly achieve your bottom line. If you are a website owner and that is your primary business, you may have looked into the most feasible options for hosting your website. You may have also realized that having a dedicated hosting service is a great option so as to benefit from having a dedicated server, greater security and faster loading speeds.

The cost for a dedicated service may not be something you can afford right so you perhaps looked at a shared hosting service. If you are still not satisfied, you would have ventured into the possibilities of a VPS hosting plan. A VPS hosting plan is actually a great idea for businesses and fortunately for you, this article is dedicated solely at pointing out 10 significance advantages of VPS. Let’s start firstly by defining VPS.

What’s a VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is defined as a virtual operating system that exists within a primary server. A VPS employs technology based in virtualization to deliver dedicated or private resources to virtual servers.

A VPS copies the different attributes of a physical server with alike processes and functionality. Although it copies and acts like a physical server, a VPS is really a software mirroring the dedicated hardware.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is one of several hosting services available where different websites can use varied parts of a parent server. There are usually many benefits associated with VPS hosting such as entry to different VPS environments and so on.

Top 10 Advantages of VPS

1. Cost to Host

Having a dedicated hosting plan comes with many different benefits and opportunities however with those benefits and opportunities can come exorbitant prices that your business is not ready or equipped to handle at the moment. VPS hosting offers a list of hosting benefits ideal for your business and it comes at a cost effective rate.

2. VPS is Reliable

The core essence of VPS is that it is private. This simply means when you have a VPS, the benefits of the service will not be shared with other websites.

Automatically, if your resources are not shared, then this adds a significant boost to your website’s performance. Site overload problems and limitations pertaining to RAM will be eliminated as VPS will provide peace of mind.

3. A Sound Server Security

Security is by far one of the most fundamental needs of any business owner whether online or offline. Without substantial security, hackers have the ability to invade one’s website and cause serious malicious harm. With a VPS plan, stringent security measures are implemented by providers to protect the websites of business owners. Continuous protection against cyber-attacks are being done even while you are sleeping.

4. The Power to Host Multiple Domains

While VPS comes at a lesser cost than other hosting plans, it surely delivers varied benefits convenient for the online business owner. One such is the ability to host multiple domains. Many companies have different departments and as such different domains are beneficial. VPS offers this attribute without affecting your website’s performance or stability.

5. VPS delivers Scalability

VPS in this regards is somewhat similar to a dedicated server in that you are a priority. As your business booms in scale, managed VPS also scales up as well to handle your sites’ demands. Elements such as CPU and RAM on the virtual private server will be used by your site as is absolutely necessary. In the event you had selected say a shared hosting plan, there would be higher levels of restriction on the volume of traffic your site will be able to handle.

6. VPS delivers Full Control

As you aim to broaden and manage your development environment, a key component is root access. If you select a shared hosting service, your level of control will be limited however, with managed VPS, a higher level of control is granted to build on this aspect of your business.

7. Select the right OS and Software for you

Varied limitations exist with a shared hosting plan such as accessing the OS you would prefer. With a shared plan, you are limited to the OS that is being offered across the board. VPS on the other hand removes all limitations in this regard as it allows you the choice to choose the OS and any software that you deem best for your business.

8. Expert Assistance is never far away

VPS hosting offers a fundamental cost effective resource in the form of technical support. Unlike other services which would require that you employ a dedicated technician to maintain hardware and software functions, managed VPS services usually provide a 24/7 access to trained personnel who can handle the different queries that may surface.

9. Valuable Data Security

Backups are a significant part of any online business function. Another advantage of VPS comes in the form of unlimited and automatic back-ups by your provider. A company will not need to be concerned if their data is being backed up or not. Providers often provide that function without any additional cost.

10. Your money is spent wisely

A different level of comfort comes with VPS hosting as you are able to hand-select the components that you need for your business. This is important because no one likes to pay for products they don’t use or find beneficial to them. With dedicated services, many times you are given bundles with different components included that serve no value to your business. With VPS, you simply pay for what you need.


All these advantages are vital components to the success of your business. VPS hosting is simply a viable option for many business owners that consider elements such as cost, performance, reliability, flexibility and delivery. VPS hosting offers many benefits at its price without compromising on integrity and this is a noteworthy attribute to be appreciated.