Use a Control Panel to Enhance your Hosting Experience

Imagine owning a Tesla, it is all you’ve ever wanted in a dream car but you can’t drive. Seems a little useless just sitting there in your garage waiting until someone else takes you for a spin in it. That is what your hosting experience may be like if you own a website but you are not a web developer. That is where cPanel Hosting comes in. A cPanel or control panel is more than a driver’s license; it is like a self-driving car for your website. It allows you to efficiently manage, configure and monitor your system like a trained professional.

Several control panel options exist. One of the most popular is cPanel, which runs on a Linux-based operating system. It allows you to manage all your services conveniently in a singular place. cPanel makes it possible for even someone with absolutely no web development knowledge to successfully run a website.

Understanding what cPanel is

cPanel is an online web hosting control panel that uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) and automation tools to simplify the web hosting process. It allows you to completely control, manage and monitor your website with maximum efficiency.

From the cPanel dashboard, you can seamlessly carry out a number of tasks, including monitoring resources, creating subdomains, installing software, creating new FTP users and backups without ever needing assistance
from a qualified website developer.

What does cPanel Hosting Do?

cPanel simplifies performing a number of important functions such as:

  • Making it easy to install software like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
  • The process of adding new domain names and subdomains to your hosting account
  • Directly uploading files to your server
  • Handling your FTP accounts and uploading files via FTP
  • Easy to store content by creating and managing new databases
  • Ability to implement additional security
  • Identifying computer issues

Pros and Cons of cPanelControl Panel

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with cPanel. However, the good outweighs the bad, and that is why cPanel has gained popularity as a reliable and trustworthy website hosting control panel. cPanel is a wise selection for many looking for an enhanced web hosting experience.

cPanel Pros:

1. Ease of installation and use

One of the first benefits linked to cPanel is the fact that it is extremely easy to install. All you have to do is meet the Linux system requirement of a minimum of 20 GB available disk space, and have at least 512 MB of RAM.

Thanks to cPanel’s intuitive graphical interface, you will not experience any issues managing or using it once installed. This set up allows users to deal with complex tasks within minutes. These tasks can range from calculating disk space, site maintenance, searching for web directories, to making regular backups.
You also end up saving money you would pay expert system administrators because you do not need them. Not when cPanel is so easy to use.

2. Vibrant and easily Navigable Interface

As mentioned before, cPanel’s graphical interface is both user-friendly and highly responsive. It is also designed to use simple commands to perform complex asks and functions. This makes it easy for just about anyone to manage and complete system maintenance and system backups in just a few clicks. cPanel is also very easy to navigate using an icon-base menu that’s situated on the main page to connect users with all its incredible features.

3. Does not require a lot of Space

cPanel doesn’t take up a lot of space. All you need is only 20GB of disk space and just 512MB of RAM, which is the size requirement for a Linux-based operating system. In today’s advanced technological era, that is not necessarily considered a significant about of space.

4. Access to Tons of tools and features

This is one of many reasons persons love using cPanel. Its wide range of high-end features make it possible for users to access, host and manage their online website accounts effortlessly. It gets better! cPanel offers standard mail protocols with or without SSL encryption. One of the tools at your disposal is Softaculous App Installer, which makes it possible to add several applications to your website within one click. As you carry out your web management tasks, use Softaculous to gain access to additional apps such as content management systems, social networking, shopping carts and image galleries.

cPanel features also come with anti-fraud and anti-virus software. These work to avert attacks from unwanted malware and viruses. Its webmail tools also make it possible to set up your email without any difficulty
while allowing you to access your emails from anywhere once there is an internet connection.

5. Compatibility

As if the advantages of cPanel are not already amazing, here comes another. cPanel is compatible and can run on all web browsers. This includes the leading web browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This makes it possible to access you to gain access to your website from anywhere in the world. cPanel also facilitates third-party addons such as on-site blogs to guest blogs, e-books to make your website even more dynamic.

6. Flexibility

The flexibility of cPanel is unmatched. Not many other webhosts allow you to transfer your website and all its content from one web hosting server to another with such ease. Cpanel does that. No hassle, no stress, just a smooth transition without technical glitches.

7. Reliability and support

All cPanel users benefit from its reliable support system. Also, it automatically performs tasks such as scanning your server for interrupted services. Once it detects any error, it will reboot the system on its own to have your website up and running at its best in no time.

cPanel Control Panel Cons:

There are always two sides to everything, so while there many advantages to using cPanel, there are also disadvantages as well. Here are a few downsides to using cPanel.

1. Requires Authorised Access to Files

This may be one of the most frustrating things about cPanel. The fact that users are not able to access all their files without permission from cPanel. This can be time-consuming and in turn, affects the responsiveness of the files. Thankfully, there is a quick fix to this. You are able to set a passcode by configuring the settings of all created files to shell access.

2. Easy Target For Hackers

Unfortunately, cPanel does not have the most airtight security. It relies a lot the security software on the server that it is managing. This vulnerability is what hackers use to access the panel through third-party sources.

3. Price

cPanel, when compared to its competitors in the market, is not the most affordable control panel. Though more competent that many other control panels, the cost may be an issue for some. However, if it fits in your
budget, choosing cPanel is an investment worth making.

4. WHM and cPanel Interface having Different Layout can be Confusing

cPanel’s Web Host Manager (WHM) reseller control panel, doesn’t use the same layout as that of the cPanel interface. Even though it is extremely easy to navigate the WHM interface, it can be a little confusing for some resellers. A number of other control panel software utilise the same base design for both their
reseller control panel and the end-user panel.

Regardless of all the drawbacks associated with cPanel, it offers many more benefits and so continues to soar in popularity as the control panel of choice.

Final Thoughts

One thing remains true; cPanel makes it possible for anyone to run a website successfully like a pro. Its visually appealing interface is also efficiently organised making it easy to find all the tools you need. And the tools are

Thanks to cPanel you don’t need to hire a team of web-developers or IT specialist to maintain your website. You are able to create and run a website by yourself using the tools available within the cPanel on your browser.

Easily Install cPanel and build your website, install, update, backup and run your site like a professional in a few simple few clicks.

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