Softaculous. What is it? How do you use it?

For a new website owner with little to no web building experience starting a website can be quite a daunting experience. In the past, in order to self-host a website you needed to hire a web developer to do all the technical lifting for you. But now with advancements in the hosting and web developing industry things are a little easier especially with Softaculous.

Out with cumbersome app downloads

In the past, web-based applications like self-hosted WordPress required a little technical knowledge in order to get it up and running.

First, you needed to download the WordPress application files. Unzip them. Then create a new database with a MySQL user with the appropriate privileges. After that, you needed to rename and edit the .php file. Upload the files to the correct web directory. Create a separate blog directory. And finally run the WordPress installation script. Supposedly, all of that would take 5 minutes, perhaps to a seasoned web-developer, but for the beginner maybe not.

Sounds like a headache? Maybe because it can be a bit tedious. There are man different powerful, user-friendly CMS, blogging systems and eCommerce applications that can power your website. Like WordPress, all of these applications require installation before they can make your life easier.

But isn’t there an easier way to install them all? Of course, there is. Introducing Softaculous, the 1-click installation answer you need for all your web building needs.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a powerful web-based auto-installer for control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. In fact, Softaculous boast of being the fastest 1-click installer, designed to install all script applications for self-hosted websites. The one-step installation approach sets Softaculous apart from the rest. It’s powerful, expedient installation process works for over 300 applications and 1,100 PHP classes.

What’s more, daily update treatments are given to all the apps in the Softaculous catalogue. So, you don’t have to worry about having to update your apps, it’s all automated. Each application comes with ratings, reviews, and demos so you can make an informed decision on which apps works best for you and your website.

You can migrate from any other installer with ease. In addition to all these great features, Softaculous maintains the entire cycle of your applications which include installation, backups, upgrades and more.

Key Features and Specs of Softaculous

Ease of use:

Softaculous 1-click complete automated installation of applications cuts time and technical issues by a click of a mouse.

Speaks your language:

Softaculous speaks the language of its end users effortlessly allowing ease of use for non-English speakers around the world. With this is mind, users can navigate in a language they truly understand.

Performance in 1-Click:

Softaculous completes complex tasks in one click. So, with the tap of your mouse, your databases are created, your website is backed up, software and backups are automated, file directories created and files installed.

Deploy web-applications in minutes:

Applications can be up in running in less than 5 minutes or the time it takes you to fill in the information required for your application to be installed. No manual creation of databases or folders. That is, you can do everything with just one click. This might sound like a broken record, but we reiterate this because it is really just that simple. What’s more, is you don’t need to do any debugging or retracing steps if the installation failed. Softaculous ensures a successful install every single time with just the click of your mouse.

Quick Search:

Know the application you want to install? Simply type in in the search bar. Don’t know the application you want? You can browse through the categories on the left-side menu bar easily. Everything is organised for ease of use.

Updated Frequently:

New features to the interface of Softaculous is constantly updated, and all web-based applications have automated updates done for you. So, you will always run the latest stable version of your application without having to lift a figure to search for updates.

The Need for 1-Click Installations

process needed to be simplified for beginner website owners. Not everyone is technically savvy on the internet and so Softaculous has made the process of setting up any type of website with the appropriate web scripts as easy as clicking once with your mousepad.

Softaculous automates the installation of popular web applications through predefined scripts for your website. It runs from within your preferred control panel like cPanel for example, allowing for installations to be launched from the administration area.

As we’ve stated earlier, Softaculous catalogue includes over 400 web applications which include categories such as web building, blogging, content management, ad management, CRM, customer support, eCommerce, message boards, social media and more.

In order for the 1-click process to happen within Softaculous, you are required to fill in the necessary information on the install tab for each application. After, Softaculous automates the process of organising and configuring various databases, user permissions, web server files and installation.

Getting Started with Softaculous

Log in to your control panel within your hosting account. For cPanel, scroll down to SOFTWARE and click on Softaculous or you can type it into the search bar at the top. That’s it, no need to install Softaculous because cPanel has it available to you.

Once you click on Softaculous you and scroll through the catalogue of applications available to you that are all quick 1-install easy to use. Each application has the option of a quick install or a custom install if you have a better understanding of certain features to use or exclude.

Using Softaculous to Install Apps

Once you’ve clicked on Softaculous within your control panel and you’re exploring the interface, select the application from the list or search for the application you wish to use.

As a part of Softaculous policy, all applications are updated constantly to reflect the latest versions that are stable. You can edit your Softaculous app to display in the language you prefer, the time zone you live in and even the way the interface is laid out.

Most applications on Softaculous are written in scripts using PHP, however, there are also some applications written in JavaScript and Perl for those that are technically savvy.

Once you choose the app you can opt to demo the application before you use it, if you’re not familiar with it. You can read reviews, leave a review, look at screenshots and finally decide if you want a quick installation or a customised installation.