What is the Difference: Domain Name vs Web Hosting?

You are the point of launching your website or enhancing your current website and you are asking yourself, what is the difference between a domain name and web hosting? Which is best for me based on my customer base? Look no further, we have all the information you need for making that transition and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages for both.

What is a domain name?


The domain name describes the address of any website that users type in the browser’s URL to visit your website. It is that easy! A domain name in simple terms is any easy tool for us internet users to remember and have access to a website whereas computers are able to understand and process IP addresses. It sounds simple and we are aware of all the basic domain names: .com, .co.uk, .biz, .info just to name a few. Where can you find trusted and secured domain names, you ask? Take a look at here.

They are an established company that provides you with the opportunity of building your own website but you are able to buy a secured domain name in one go. There is the option of also registering a domain you may have. Security is always a priority and you as a customer needs to protect your business investment ensure that the company you are registering of is complaint with country regulations surrounding privacy etc. luxhosting.com is GDPR compliant and has a domain privacy service to hide your domain data on WHOIS. That is great news especially if you are new to the world of technology and is running a business you should invest in the security of your website.

The Do’s and Don’ts surrounding domain names

First rule is to ensure that the domain name is registered in your name! yes, you heard right. Many stories are told of legal issues surrounding this hot topic.

Second tip is to ensure that within your domain name are key words for example a location or keyword helps the process! Ok, friends, we are all want to stand out with our domain names but don’t overdo it! Avoid dashes and dots! It makes finding you harder.

Third tip, do sign up for long term registration. Most times domain providers have packages up for grabs and the long term you take may result in a “win – win” for your pocket. Our final tip is that you research thoroughly and find the best domain for your money and for quick identification, trust us, you will thank us later!

What exactly is web hosting?

Now that you have an understanding of what a domain name is let us review what web hosting is. Are they the same? What is the difference? Web hosting is the storage of all your files. It has all the information on your website and allows you website to be available across the world wide web. How do I access this type of service? There multiple opportunities and companies providing this service. These companies provide server space and ownership/ partial rental.

The priority of web hosting is for storage and serving websites. Companies have different packages so you can have a budget for this type of investment. With www. luxhosting.com you are able to choose from 4 packages with a wide array of bandwidth, unlimited data spaces, add-on domains among other features.

If you are interested in having the best option available to you based on you budget the goal is to research and ensure the providing company understands that you are keen on the safety and security of your information and that of all your clients and make the best choice.

Domain names are definitely different however, they are similar to team members tasked with the awesome job of ensuring your internet experience is without high levels of stress.

Types of web hosting

Now that you have a general understanding of what web hosting is, we now need to look at the options available to you in your search for the best web hosting opportunities. A few of the web hosting options are: Shared web hosting service, Reseller web hosting¸ Virtual Dedicated Server, Dedicated hosting service, Managed hosting service, and Home server. Shared web hosting is having your website sharing the same website as other websites sharing resources inclusive of such  RAM and CPU.

In the reseller web service, the owner of the website is the host. Important to note is that the website owns a dedicated server. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) divides resource into one virtual servers website users have access to their own virtual space. Users in most cases have the option of maintaining the server, or provider may offer server administrative duties.

Can I buy my domain name and web hosting from different companies?

Yes, friends you can! Enthused website owners may ask this question and you can buy domain name and web hosting from two different companies. However, you may have to make some changes where domain information is considered. Most importantly as business owners is to avoid the headache and a great recommendation is buying from the same company. As you read earlier, luxhosting.com offers reliable Web Hosting services suitable for individuals and companies.