Easy Steps to Host a Domain on a VPS

So you’ve decided you want to link your domain to a Virtual Private Server, which is a good idea. However, you need to meet a few requirements before you do this. After choosing Luxhosting as your professional web hosting service, you can proceed to link your domain to the VPS.

Among the requirements mentioned above, you should ensure that you register your domain name as either .com, .net, .in etc. In addition to this, it’s necessary that the domain name server (DNS) and the default name server of the registrar are both used with default settings. The final requirement is that the VPS server’s IP address is obtained.

By fulfilling each of these requirements you’re closer to discovering how to host a domain on a VPS.

How to Host a Domain on a VPS

Before checking out the steps you need to add domain to VPS we have compiled a list of easy steps you can follow to make the process run smoothly. Typically, you can use two methods to add domain to VPS. The first is pointing your domain to a VPS using A record.

The second is pointing domain to your VPS using nameservers. Setting up a new DNS zone on the virtual server is required for this procedure. It will change the location of your DNS zone to the VPS. This means, all future changes related to DNS will have to be made through the newly created zone.

However, for beginners, the steps of the first method are easier to follow as the process is more straightforward. Discovering how to host a domain on a VPS has never been made easier.

Pointing your Domain to a VPS using the A Record

Here we will show you the first method in how to host a domain on a VPS. This method entails changing your current A Record in the authoritative DNS zone. Simply put, the A record switch must take place in the DNS zone to which your servers are presently pointing.

If you select this option your DNS zone file and all other existing entries including; CNAME, MX and NS will be retained by your current provider.

1. Find out where your Domain is pointed

The first step regarding how to host a domain on a VPS is discovering where your domain is pointing. If you’re unsure where your domain is pointing, utilize DNS lookup tools such as; What’s my DNS, DNS Inspect or Dig to find NS records.

2. Select a Method to Add DNS Entry

The second step on how to point a domain on VPS hosting requires that you add a DNS entry by using two A records. You’ll need one for the www domain and another for the domain itself. The second method is using CNAME for the www domain and A record for the domain itself. Regardless of the method you choose, both lead to the same result.

3. Locate the current A record value

Once you locate the A record, replace it with the dedicated IP address. Following one of the two options that was provided, the entries to your DNS zone should resemble one of these examples;

Option A: Two A records

Name TTL Type Address
illustration.com 12300 A 123.45.678.90
www.illustration.com 12300 A 123.45.678.90

Option B: A record plus CNAME
Name TTL Type Address
illustration.com 12300 A 123.45.678.90
www.illustration.com 12300 CNAME Illustration.com

4. Performing DNS Checkup

Once you have pointed the domain to your VPS you must check to ensure that the records were added correctly. You may have a wait of up to twenty-four hours, however there are a few DNS checkup tools that deliver instant results.

If the result shows your VPS dedicated IP address as the A record, this means that everything was done correctly.

In Summary

That’s it! You’ve finally completed the tutorial on how to host a domain on a VPS! With just four simple steps you know how to point a domain on VPS hosting and how to host your domain on a VPS. At Luxhositng we provide efficient and affordably priced VPS services to our valued clients. We have several plans available that are ideal for personal websites, small businesses and companies, bigger websites and high traffic or websites that need high capacity.

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We hope our blog on how to host a domain on a VPS was helpful. Order your reliable VPS for your domain on Luxhosting and make the most out of your website today! Should you need assistance to set up your domain on your VPS, conatct our expert VPS team to set it up at no additional cost.