Get A Run for Your Money: Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Systems (VPSs) offers users great benefits with security, performance, and reliability than a shared hosting platform. Read more on VPS Hosting Advantages. VPS hosting accomplishes this through a virtual technology that gives you a private experience like a dedicated server would.

Deciding to switch to a VPS is a great step. In fact, it means you are experiencing growth. Now, you’ll need to decide what level of management works best for you. With VPS technology, you have three options. Fully managed, managed and unmanaged.

The best recommendation is to go with a fully managed VPS if you’re new to server management. Depending on your technical skill level with server management, you can go with managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. This guide will help you understand crucial questions such as; what is VPS  for, what is managed VPS vs unmanaged VPS, uses of VPS, benefits and drawbacks of a fully managed VPS along with how to get started.

What is VPS hosting used for?

VPS servers offer you a powerful and scalable web hosting solution that host websites on private virtual servers. It operates as if you’re on a dedicated server in which you have server resources allocated specifically to your website. You do not share resources, you’re not bothered by other server traffic level or memory. Your memory and resources are not affected by other VPS accounts while your server is actually coexisting as a subset within an exclusive environment.

VPS servers work tremendously well for the following uses:

  • Hosting ecommerce stores
  • Reselling web hosting
  • Accommodating moderate to heavy traffic blogs
  • Hosting sites that require high resources
  • Offers greater control for your sites’ privacy and security
  • Gives more control of your server to configure it to your specific needs
  • Allows root access for your server

If you’re interested in learning more general information on VPS hosting, see A Beginner’s Guide to VPS Hosting.

Managed VPS vs unmanaged VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting means that you have control of your server but the host provider still carries out basic server updates. However, persons usually opt for this option having technical skills or some amount of know-how to handle a server. A managed package may get you control panel (cPanel), 24/7 tech support, 24/7 live monitoring, server backup on a regular basis and a guaranteed resource that is not shared with other customer applications.

Unmanaged means that you have complete responsibility for your server – maintenance, back-up, monitoring, updating etc. This definitely requires technical skills to execute server updates, installation and management.

So what is fully managed VPS hosting?

Fully managed is like the 5-star experience above the average managed VPS. Note that there is no industry standards for what companies must carry as fully managed VPS hosting. Hosting providers do define fully managed differently based on preferences and service offerings. Though there is no industry standard, there is a standard hosting offering that makes a web hosting service fully managed and not just managed as was described above.

In general, a fully managed VPS does the work of managing the server. They take care of all the technicalities of running an internet server ranging from taking care of all server functions such as, your server updates, maintenance, cPanel, operating system, PHP, and Apache. You might be more inclined to opt for this experience if you and your team lack the knowledge of running a server. You might even need to spend that time in running your business. This type of management saves considerable amount of cost on operational expense.

Managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting

Here in more details, you’ll learn about the awesome benefits of this option.

Benefits of fully managed VPS Benefits of unmanaged VPS
Server maintenance Self -customization
Data protection
Tech support

Server maintenance

One of the awesome benefits of this option is that your hosting provider will help your server to always deliver pristine performance. They achieve this since they’re responsible for checking your server at regular intervals. This means that your server’s hardware, network traffic, memory, disk usage, operating systems and CPU usage are all monitored. If you do not have the knowledge to do these checks yourself then you’ll definitely love this benefit.

You’ll feel confident knowing that knowledgeable server professionals are on your team to ensure your server runs smoothly at tip top shape.

Not only that, but whilst it’s understood that within a fully managed VPS plan, your hosting provider will install programs, update your server etc, at no additional cost, it is not the same case with an unmanaged VPS plan. With the unmanaged VPS, you may be charged for any administrative task you require your hosting provider to do. Though, there are some tasks that you will be charged for regardless of the service level you are receiving.

Data protection

Your hosting provider also ensures that files are clean and clear of any vulnerability. They also back up your data on a regular basis. This protects your files and ensures quick data restoration in case of a crash or error.

Sometimes root access is given to customers within the fully managed plan and sometimes these users are technically inexperienced. Please note that under this circumstance, it is sometimes problematic for a service provider to take responsibility for a server’s security issue. Therefore, we recommend you consult with your VPS support system regarding your business requirements. This way, you can maximize your VPS hosting experience.

Technical support

How does the sound of having a team of dedicated professionals on call to help you resolve technical issues make you feel? Empowered and Confident! You should be. With a fully managed VPS service, you should expect 24/7 technical support and quick responses with help to your technical issues.

Also, with less urgent issues like software choices or general inquires, you can expect to be able to consult with technical support. You can expect expert, professional advice as needed on an ongoing basis.

Server Security

Because regular checks are carried out on your system, your hosting provider can safeguard your website from viruses and phishing attack, they can also protect your server from vulnerabilities.

So you’ve learnt about its benefits, now you can look at its honest drawbacks.

Hosting Price

The number one consideration is the cost. Having your hands free with full server maintenance and management comes at a cost as one can imagine.

Restricted customization

VPS hosting still comes with some limitations. This is because the responsibility of managing and maintaining your server still falls on your hosting provider.

Issuance Time

There is a wait for your hosting provider to effect any changes you want. So, if you want a hardware or software installed, your request is not instant like it would if you did it yourself.

Started with Fully Managed or Managed VPS

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What about cPanel?

You can choose a plan that offers an intuitive control panel like cPanel with our managed VPS hosting cPanel option. With this option, you are not relinquishing all control to your host provider but retaining some level of control to effect ideas that you think is worthwhile for your operations. Our plans also includes managed linux VPS hosting and managed SSD VPS hosting.

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