What is a Comodo SSL Certificate?

Unless you want your website to be wide open to cybercriminals and hackers, you need a Comodo SSL certificate. You can add all sorts of extra bells and whistles to your website’s security plan, but a Comodo SSL certificate is your last line of defense against data theft. Here’s what it is and how it works:

What are Comodo SSL certificates?

An SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”) certificate is a digital certificate that proves that your website is authentic and gives your website an encrypted connection. (An “encrypted connection” just means that it converts readable data into an unreadable version that’s written in code, so that even if a hacker does get their hands on your data, they won’t be able to read what it says.) SSL certificates are great because they protect your website, and they also reassure your visitors that your website is safe to use.

The “Comodo” in “Comodo SSL certificates” refers to Comodo CA, which is the number one global digital certificate authority. This makes Comodo SSL certificates the best SSL certificates available on the market.

Who needs Comodo SSL certificates?

What do ssl do?

If even one of the following is true of your website, you need an SSL certificate:

1. Your website collects credit card information

If you want to collect credit card information from your visitors, you need Comodo SSL certificates. Not only does this help your visitors feel more at ease when they’re deciding whether to trust your site with their credit card information, but you won’t even be authorized to collect credit card information on the internet unless you can prove that your website has an SSL certificate. So, if you have an eCommerce website, and you want your visitors to trust it, you at least need Comodo Positive SSL. (We’ll explain what that is in a second.)

2. Your website collects personal information

If your website collects personal information like medical records, home addresses, hormonal cycles or any other kind of information that would cause your visitors great distress if it happened to be leaked, you should get an SSL certificate to reassure them that their information is safe on your website. Not only that, but chances are that if you don’t have an SSL certificate, visitors won’t trust your website enough to give you their information in the first place. Even Comodo Positive SSL will do the trick to win your visitors’ trust.

3. You have strong competitors in your industry

If you have to compete with other websites to attract visitors, you need an SSL certificate. That’s because when your visitors are deciding which website to spend their money with, every little detail counts. And if your website doesn’t seem safe, they’ll choose to go to a website that cares about protecting their data instead.

4. You want your website to attract more visitors

Here’s a little insider information on how search engines promote websites: If two websites produce content that’s exactly the same quality and has exactly the same information and value, but one website has an SSL certificate and the other doesn’t, the website with the SSL certificate will rank higher in search engines than the website without the SSL certificate. And the higher your website ranks in a search engine; the more likely visitors are to click on it. So, if you want your website to attract more visitors, you need an SSL certificate.

5. You want your website to load more quickly

There are lots of reasons your website might be loading slowly, but one of them might simply be that you forgot to install an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate can make your website load up to two times more quickly, even if you make no other changes to your website!

Should I get an SSL certificate?


Technically, anyone with a website needs Comodo SSL certificates, because most modern internet users are extremely wary of visiting websites that are unprotected. The thing about getting an SSL certificate is that you can’t get one for your website unless you verify that you are in fact the person or company that’s authorized to use the website. So, as you can imagine, shady companies that don’t want to be connected to their websites aren’t exactly in a rush to get SSL certificates.

Most people on the internet have learned to identify the visual signs that a website has an SSL certificate, and they don’t visit any website that doesn’t have one. So, if you want people to visit your website, you should get an SSL certificate, even if your website doesn’t technically need one.

What is Comodo Positive SSL?

Comodo Positive SSL is one of the most popular kinds of SSL, especially for newer websites. That’s because it’s usually one of the least expensive kinds of SSL, but it still gives your website a high level of encryption and authenticity. This kind of SSL is also one of the easiest to install, with the installation process taking as little as fifteen minutes!

Wrapping up

Your website needs Comodo SSL certificates if you want to attract visitors, get them to use their credit cards, and get them to stay on your fast-loading website. The really good news is that you can get an SSL certificate right here on our website, but also feel free to look around our site to see our other services that will take your website to the next level. Check out our amazing deals on SSL certificates and feel free to look around our blog for our other guides on improving your website.