Luxhosting Sponsors CloudFest 2021

The most highly-anticipated event on the cloud industry calendar is here, CloudFest and it’s all in the cloud! The current global pandemic presented the opportunity for the computing arena to transcend time and space to deliver CloudFest 2021. This powerful event features a series of conference that bring together the entire spectrum of the cloud, hosting and internet service provider space to create life changing developments.

You will have access to the latest technology, innovations and trends that enable the possibility of modern and digital online communication. So, tap into the expertise of speakers and panellists and leverage all the power of the CloudFest community. Of course, within the comfort of your home. While your at it, reach out to some of the industry’s trend setters and game changers like Their technology offers some of the best international Web Hosting and Domain Registration brands that empower online business success.

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About CloudFest super-star speakers and panelists

Talking about wealth of knowledge, you don’t want to miss out on keynotes from notables; father of the World Wide Web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee, trend setting designer – Aaron Draplin, Ecommerce expert – Heidi Zak, former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service M16 – Sir Alex Younger, architect of Java – James Gosling and many more keynotes.

CloudFest 2021 allows you to meet top executives from other companies too. Meet and pick the brains of experts from Intel, Verisign, Luxhosting, IBM, GoDaddy, Toshiba, Sectigo, Dell,  and many more.

CloudFest Topics for Discussion

For 2021, keynote addresses will focus around central theme of meaningful AI enablement.

The Intelligent Cloud

This segment, presented by intel, focuses on how AI is used to make interoperability and scale more cost – effective and efficient as it manages and distributes complex workloads with smart tools. In fact, it’s a technology paradigm that’s developing and CloudFest promises to help pave the way for its maturity. In 2019 the focus was on Hyperscale Enablement, and this year’s focus will be on how artificial intelligence can maximize the interoperability—and opportunity.

The best way service providers can create solutions for existing cloud-service clients, is to leverage their relationships to provide bespoke AI solutions across the business spectrum. As a result, the ripple economic effect skyrockets as costs drop, productivity rises, and data processes increases efficiently to surface game-changing insights.

Web Pros In the Cloud

Interested in the collaboration between cloud service providers and web pros? This presentation is for you. A Sitejet survey found that 46% of web designers experience major challenge in finding new customers. In fact, the global website builders market size is expected to reach $2.47 billion by end of 2025. So, partnership to help boost this tech sec is highly important. To help solve this problem, CloudFest 2021 will provide the platform for Cloud Service Providers to find the Web Pros who can help deliver superior customer experience. With this collaboration, the expected fruits are opportunities in profit, development tools, and trust.

The Secure Cloud

On day 3 The Secure Cloud will be on everyone’s lips. Intel and Sectigo will lead this segment. Together, they look at efforts to fight against malicious online activity which is big business in the computing world. A hack is attempted roughly once every 39 seconds, and as workloads move to the Cloud, “at risk” becomes the default state. As a result, the global information security market is forecasted to touch $170.4 billion in 2022.

In the Cloud, safety is priority. Accordingly, CloudFest 2021 focuses on the tools, processes, and partnerships necessary to create and implement safe computing environments.
What to Expect from CloudFest 2021.

What you can expect is a brand-new platform for this conference. In fact, CloudFest goes completely virtual and you can expect the same awesome elements from the face-to-face events and more. Plus, the event carries a packed agenda with keynotes, live streams, expert round tables, region-specific learning, and key connection opportunities.

Registration for CloudFest 2021

Go ahead and register for free CloudFest 2021 and do not to miss the live streams, expert round tables and key connection opportunities that will be delivered through this virtual event.

Who is CloudFest For?

CloudFest is a business-to-business event which targets cloud enthusiasts, internet organisation and web professional industries. What’s more, all you need is Internet and any mobile device with a screen to enjoy. See you there!