What is web based backup and how does it work?

Cybersecurity is a top priority when it comes to running your online business. Especially when you consider that cybercriminals will not hesitate to destroy your website and reputation via a security breach. This can lead to bankruptcy. Studies reveal that over 90% of companies have been pushed to file for bankruptcy in the wake of a cyber-attack. These attacker’s primary goal is to steal your confidential data and disrupt your online business. What’s more, is that cybercriminals have no scruples for ransoming your data to get a fat payout.

For this reason, planning for disaster should be a major part of your security defense strategy. Having your data stored in a trusted, secure cloud back up is the smart thing to do. If you’re already signed up with a cloud-based backup system then you’re halfway there. The question now is, how secure is your cloud back-up?

As times change, business owners need to increase their security to combat the threats of cybercriminals or fall prey to an attack leading to expensive downtime, loss of clients’ trust, data loss, and a tarnished reputation. Not to mention the cost in IT and legal fees to solve the problem fast.

If you want to mitigate a crisis of a cyber-attack quickly you need to have a backup solution that is reliable and can restore your website to its most recent state while your technical support team work things out and secure your servers. Here’s why you need a cloud-based backup.

What is a web based backup system?

A cloud-based backup system is widely called web based backup or remote backup. It is a strategy set in place for sending copy of a virtual file or database to an off-side location as a secondary precaution in case of equipment catastrophe, espionage or failure.

Web based backup uses an additional server offsite with storage hosted by a third-party service provider like the trusted brand Acronis. Acronis houses the backup server files and grants the capacity to use and control data transmission, number of servers or number of times you access the data. You can even set your approved users.

Opting for cloud data backup can help undergird any company’s data protection and security strategy without increasing the workload of your IT staff or if you’re a small business owner cause you to do anything too technical.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing refers to hosted services that you get over an internet connection. However, it is different from traditional web hosting, whereas the service is sold on demand and offered for flexibility—which means customers can use as much of the services as needed and the service provider manages the ratio.

Cloud computing can be private or public; for example, public cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) sells services to anyone on the internet, whereas private cloud service providers only supply hosted services to a set number of users with a limit.

How Cloud Backup Works?

A cloud backup service private uses their data centers to house backup copies of data from their customers (that’s you) and store it in their storage facilities for easy access in case a recovery is necessary after a security breach or loss of data. Off-side backup has multiple options and various types to backing up data. Large corporations may have the capital to own their personal off-side server and host its own cloud service but the method is similar if a company employs a cloud service provider to manage their backup.

How to Choose the best Cloud Backup Service

Choosing the right cloud backup solution for your website’s needs depends solely on the volume and type of data you’re looking to copy and protect. Everyone saves data within a cloud system. For example, a university student won’t need the exact type of cloud protection as a small business owner of a website in need of data protection from cybercriminals. Alternatively, a big business needs a different scope of protection than a service provider needs. No matter what your cloud backup needs are, a robust service provider will have the best backup to suit your needs.

The Best Personal Cloud Backup Solution Offers:

  • Increased convenience over cloud-based sync and share. This feature makes it easy to share videos, family photos, etc. It also keeps all of your files protected from accidental deletion.
  • Rapid recovery times in the event of data loss. The ability to quickly and reliably recover files when (not if) damaged or lost is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the cloud backups.
  • Ability to restore to dissimilar hardware. You deserve flexibility from your backup solution, including the ability to restore and recover any file you need to whatever device you choose.
  • End-to-end data encryption. Whether you choose a public or private cloud service, protecting your data should be a top priority. With end-to-end encryption, you know that whatever you store and backup is safe.

The Best Cloud Backup Service for Businesses Offers:

With Acronis Backup Solutions you’ll get high levels of customization. That is, a selection of options for backup scheduling, destination selections, and ML-based protection and cutting-edge AI- capabilities. You can help to curtail downtime and ensure business steadiness by keeping your most vital components up-and-running 24/7/365.

Scalable backup and restore options is available.  The size of your business and the kind of data you collect/employ will influence your choice of backup. Acronis is the best cloud backup for Windows servers, individual workstations, virtual hosts, and/or applications like Office 365 will vary. The very best cloud backup service for your organization’s should meet the needs of your IT stack and add-on components.

Platform- and system-agnostic protection. As your business continues to grow, what you demand from your backup solution will as well. The best cloud backup service needs to protect virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile platforms. It should also be compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple, iOS, and Android technology. This helps ensure that however you grow, your protection can keep pace.