How to use White Label Hosting to Make Money

Most if not everyone is looking for a way to make a few extra euros online. If you are looking for a profitable side-hustle, White Label hosting may be the answer you are looking for. With this type of hosting, there is a parent company or a white-label partner who takes care of the web server costs, maintenance, web security and so on. Leaving you with more time to manage your business and less time working on the intricacies of running your own data centres. White label hosting allows you to sell website solutions with little or no CSS, HTML, coding knowledge.

Below we’ll explain all you need to know about white label hosting, its benefits and how it can be a profitable business option.

What is White Label/Reseller Hosting?

White label hosting is another name for reseller hosting. This allows you to buy bulk web hosting packages, rebrand it with your own company logo and then resell for higher prices. With white label hosting you can distribute bandwidth, space, and other resources to your own customers. You are at liberty to add your own mark-up in order to make a profit.

How Does White Label Hosting Work?

As a white label reseller you pay for your bulk web hosting package every month. However, as soon as you gain a new customer your payment will go directly to you. Also, whenever your customers start their hosting account, the company providing your web services will be notified.

They will then deploy the hosting service on your behalf. This is a short and easy process to set up. Once customers complete their setup they will receive a welcome email along with their login credentials.

Advantages of White label Hosting

  • Easy to scale. Companies provide different size reseller hosting plans making it easier to get a bigger package as your business expands.
  • It allows the flexibility of monitoring your web hosting accounts.
  • The ability to maximise your earnings at little cost to yourself or business.
  • There is more time to focus on customer support since your web host provider takes care of technical support.
  • No maintenance fees as they are covered by your web hosting provider

Disadvantages of White label Hosting

Your performance and quality of service are greatly dependent on the web hosting platform you use. Technical difficulties or frequent server downtime experienced by your hosting provider will affect your services as well. It can also cause you to lose customers. It’s essential to select the best performing web hosting service provider if you are considering white label reselling. Should you decide to change your hosting provider, it will affect your customers.

Choosing the right white label hosting provider

Since your reputation is everything, it is best to choose the right service provider from the get-go. Ensure that you do your research before making a selection. Here are the top features of a great white-label service provider.

Great reputation:

Don’t waste your time, energy and money on companies that have a terrible track record and a bad reputation. For the success of your business, you need a service provider with white label experience, excellent support and great customer support.


It’s important that you are able to test drive their product or service. Read their terms of contract, which should be clear and transparent. Also, the service provider should have proof of performance using detailed reporting. A ‘money back guarantee’ is great in helping you to do a trial of the service before committing to a solid decision.

Best Practices for a Reseller Hosting Company

White label reselling is a profitable business option. Just like any other business, there are best practices. Here are some tips on operating a successful Reseller Company.

Avoid Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans

Quality always trumps cost. Cheaper plans usually do not offer the best technical support you will need to grow your white label reseller hosting company. Don’ look for cheap plans that are usually limited in resources and other offerings. Instead, search for specials promotions from established web hosting companies like luxhosting.

Also, ensure the service provider you use offers the required technical support you need, such as:

  • A private Control Panel / cPanel WHM for your clients
  • Free domain names for your clients
  • Standard offerings such as free emails accounts and free SSL for your users, FTP and limitless MySQL databases

Corporate billing system

Having a proper billing system in place plays a key role in how well your business performs. Make sure you sign up for a corporate billing system solution like WHMCS. This helps in automatically activating customer
orders and customer support. It also facilitates professional communication with your clients.

Additionally, this makes it possible to facilitate your own affiliate programmes allowing customers to get money by referring your services to others.

Private nameservers

Migrating to another platform is challenging for white label hosting as it usually disrupts and inconveniences clients. However, namesaver makes it possible to transfer yours and your customers’ web hosting accounts causing no disrupting in service to your customers. With nameservers customers aren’t required to make any
changes from their end.

All you have to do is simply replace the old hosting company’s IP address with the one from the new hosting provider once the migration is complete.

Install an SSL certificate

As web hosting provider your security and that of your clients is of paramount importance. Your hosting company’s database will contain the personal details of your customers such as their names, addresses and credit card credential. To ensure that this information is secure invest in an SSL certificate. It will use
encryption to secure the information shared between your server and clients.

Sign-up for Reseller Hosting

White-label hosting or Reseller hosting is creates a completely new world of income generating opportunities. What makes it even more special is that you can own a web hosting company without the time, knowledge, time, or staffing traditional agencies require for growth and success.

If you are ready to take the next step, explore how Luxhosting Reseller plans are ideal for you. Our reseller plans will allow you to host your personal site and/or sell your own hosting packages. We also offer free webmail, free multiple backups and free anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.