How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

No one enjoys overpaying for things! Well. To be safe, let’s say most people. It’s just agonizing to see that you could have saved a bunch of money if you had only shopped around when buying that new pair of kicks, computer or headphones. Worst if it’s the same color, brand or size you wanted. When shopping online especially, a lot of research and time is often needed to look at the different options available so you get value for money and most importantly, you get to save.

How much does web hosting cost? The true is same when buying web hosting packages where your primary goal may be to save money. Important to the process is knowing exactly how much you will need to pay without overpaying and equally choosing the right plan that suits your needs.

If these factors happen to be your concern because you find yourself asking this familiar question “How much does web hosting cost?” or maybe you are planning to upgrade your existing plan, hopefully this guide will assist you in making the best choice so that you get certain value for money. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

Web Hosting Costs Explained

Before we can venture into how much does web hosting cost or even how much does Shared Hosting will cost you in 2021, let’s take a general look at web hosting on a macro scale. When considering how much does web hosting cost, there are different factors to work into the equation. Web hosting costs can be as low as €2.49 for a month and can go as high as €700 per month and even higher. It will depend on factors such as the type of website you have, your expected monthly visitors and extras you plan to order i.e. additional services such as email or storage services.

When you are aware of the type of website you are running or plan to run, it makes the hosting selection process way easier. Added to that, knowing the level of service you need will be important. If you own or plan on starting a simple WordPress blog for instance, a low-cost shared hosting service is your best option. The moment that blog gains popularity and your traffic increases, then you will need an upgraded hosting package with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

So How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

There are many different types of hosting plans available to website owners so instead of looking specifically at Shared Hosting costs, we will share a general overview of all the types available to you in order for you to make a more informed decision.

Shared Hosting Costs


The beginner level of all that is web hosting starts here. This hosting plan caters to website owners with relatively low traffic and often run a site that has static pages or a WordPress blog. The cheapest of all web hosting packages also starts here. With Shared Hosting, your website is among a number of others sharing different resources available on a server hence, this plan is the least robust.

Price: In 2021, shared hosting plans will start at €3,00 per month.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when selecting your shared hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting comes in next after shared hosting based on its prices and resources. When you are trying to determine how much does web hosting cost, it would help to take a closer look at VPS hosting because it somewhat stands as the middle ground and if you can afford it, then you will gain many different benefits. With a VPS hosting plan, it is as if you operate your very own server. In reality, many different sites share the same server however, none of these sites have access to the resources you do therefore the performance of your site always remains optimal.

Price: VPS plans normally start at €9.95 to €79.95 per month (often based on a subscription of 6 months).

Cloud Hosting

The term “the cloud” may not be unfamiliar to you as it simply describes an online service such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox. As it relates to web hosting, Cloud Hosting refers to a group of computers working together online to ensure that your website experiences little to no downtime. If it is that one server fails, then another is up and running to ensure that your website is not impacted. So the key feature here is reliability. With this high-tech setup, you can imagine that the service doesn’t come cheap however, there are companies that do provide ‘affordable’ pricing.

Price: Cloud Hosting services can start at €5 per month with root access and a money-back guarantee. The important thing here is to look at the resources being offered and determine if they suit your needs.

Dedicated Hosting


So remember when we said that with VPS hosting it’s like you operate your own server? Well, with a Dedicated Hosting plan, you are indeed paying to operate your own server. Dedicated Hosting plans are usually offered on a tiered basis depending on the power of the server. As well as if the web host is the primary manager of the server or if it will be managed in house.

Price: Dedicated Hosting plans normally start at €119 up to €149 per month.

WordPress Hosting

It is important to note here that with a WordPress site, you can take up any web hosting service. In the case of a Managed WordPress hosting service, the plan is not to host only WordPress sites only. What it provides is a service geared at meeting the needs of WordPress sites. Which would involve features such as 24/7 support, automated backup and so on.

Price: WordPress Hosting packages start at €2.95 per month. Some sites do offer automatic WP installation along with updates.

To Close

So this should answer the question of ‘how much does web hosting cost’? Also further explain how much does Shared Hosting cost in 2021. However, for emphasis, here is a brief recap.
Shared Hosting will cost you between €2.49 – €15/month, VPS Hosting €20 – €80/per month, Dedicated hosting €80 – €300/month, Cloud Hosting €4.50 – €240/per month and WordPress Hosting €4.99 – €830/per month.

Finally, it typically costs €150 to €400 to migrate your website from one web host to another. With that said, do check out the great possibilities available here for all your Shared and general web hosting needs. Hopefully we have answered that familiar question of how much does hosting cost and gave you a better understanding about web hosting. Take the first step in selecting secure and reliable shared web hosting plan for your online project with Luxembourg’s number one hosting partner, Luxhosting. Also, the next time when you find yourself asking about hosting solutions, reach out to our dedicated web hosting team for fast and reliable assistance.