The Future is in The Best Cloud VPS Hosting

You may know your way around web hosting if you’ve been operating your business online for quite some time. You’ve probably heard of data living in the cloud or might even know a little bit about cloud servers. Additionally, you may also be familiar with virtual servers, virtual machines, or even virtual private servers. You may have started your online business website with shared hosting and looking to upgrade so you need to figure out the best cloud VPS hosting. In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the best cloud VPS hosting and help you.

Before you can thoroughly understand what, the best cloud VPS hosting is and the benefits associated with using this hosting environment we need to first outline what it is.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud computing is the practice of utilizing a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to process, manage and store data. No matter which cloud platform you use be it the choice between cloud VPS, cloud dedicated, or cloud server hosting, the means of storage are the same. Even though you can access the cloud with a local machine, the purpose of the cloud environment is for it to be remote, thus removing the necessity for local resources for the management, processing, and storage of data.

With cloud server hosting commonly known as public cloud hosting, things can be a bit different. A public cloud is normally offered on a pay-per-use basis existing as a virtualized pool of resources across numerous servers that are virtualized. This cloud framework can be advantageous for scalability, flexibility, and agility than a virtual private server can provide.v

What is a virtual private server?

Next, we’ll explore and understand what a virtual private server or VPS is and how it works. Simply put, VPS or a virtual private server is a dedicated hosting environment that has been virtualized into partitions of specific server resources from a parent server.

Think of it as an apartment or condo complex—where each apartment or condo has its resources for each inhabitant. Whereas in a shared environment it’s like having a house share with each person having their room but sharing the common resources. And addition where a dedicated environment is like purchasing the entire house for one person.

With VPS a hypervisor (virtual machine manager) is implemented and to run virtual machines on a parent server. Each virtual machine is a guest or child instance, relating a guest to a hot and a child to a parent. Principally, the VPS behaves like a physical server that exists as software running on a host or parent server.

The best virtual private server hosting involves the hypervisor being presented to the guest operating systems as a virtual operating platform to manage the execution of the guest operating systems. Guest cases that share common operating systems may also share hardware resources that are virtualized but remain independent of each other.

The best cloud VPS platform

The best cloud VPS platform is powered by the latest virtualization and SSD technology in your choice of operating system including Cloud Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, and more. Our platforms offer resources that are scalable and virtualized and come in 4-tiers to choose from so that you get the resources you need to power your website.

Our best cloud VPS environment focuses on utilizing the most advanced technology to ensure that you have to lighten fast connections and ample redundancy. So that wherever you are in the world your website will always load fast—especially for web visitors in Luxembourg.

Additionally, the best cloud VPS includes trustworthy programming support. Whenever you create a cloud VPS account you receive a complete complement of programming support that includes programming languages like PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Pert, JavaScript, Python, and much more.

One of the defining features of a robust cloud VPS platform is the ability to choose between having the server managed versus unmanaged. Naturally, if you’re outfitted with the server experience to manage your cloud VPS solution with complete root access on your own then we have that tier available.

However, if you wish to have your cloud VPS handled by professionals we offer two tiers, managed and premium managed VPS hosting. Managed VPS allows for control of your server. Basically, the Host’s team of technical experts will carry out basic server maintenance and updates. With our premium managed VPS service, our technical experts will configure the server for you, installing and managing your VPS with ease. LuxHosting is the best cloud VPS provider in Europe.

Can cloud VPS scale?

For the best VPS deals turn to LuxHosting. Our affordable VPS plans vary according to the allocated difference in server resources. It depends on the specific site or application needs you may have to decide on which VPS hosting plan is right for you.

The best cloud VPS hosting comes in robust plans where server size, storage, memory. What’s more, they should have other resources available as you move up the tiers. For example, if you start with a cost-effective plan (our 1st plan) with a one-core CPU, it is easy to scale up to a two-core CPU, or you can simply upgrade to a different VPS plan altogether that includes more robust resources. Upgrading is made easy at LuxHosting either a la carte or through upgrading to a higher cloud VPS plan.

Upgrading your account is made easy in your client dashboard. Simply log in and navigate to the Services option. Once you click through this option, you’re given an overview of your active and inactive services. Choose the plan you wish to upgrade or downgrade, depending on what you need, and it’s that simple to get started on a new plan and service with fully configurable options.

What can my cloud VPS hosting be used for?

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your shared hosting environment. Cloud VPS hosting is perfect for upgrading the server resources of your website.

In fact, it is the best VPS hosting for eCommerce and lets you run a secured eCommerce sites. With a more robust plan, you can get an SSL certificate included at Luxhosting. Don’t forget all ecommerce sites need an SSL.

Maybe you’re a gamer looking for the best VPS for game servers. VPS offer top tier hosting for Minecraft or another gaming servers. Use the best server resources that enhance the gaming experience from start to finish for your users.

Additionally, you may be in the market for the best Linux VPS hosting provider. For that, you have arrived at the best place. Our affordable VPS hosting plans include the use of powerful Linux-based operating systems. This powers your website, gaming platform, and more.

There is no limit to what you can do with the best cloud-based VPS server on the market. VPS servers have many uses. Below you’ll find common uses for VPS services:

  • Hosting moderate to heavy traffic blogs
  • Reselling web hosting
  • Hosting eCommerce stores
  • Hosting high resource sites
  • Web Hosting for gaming websites

The Best Hosting Starts with Cloud VPS Solutions

We’ve given you a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the best cloud VPS hosting. When it comes to choosing the best internet hosting providers in Europe you need to look no further than LuxHosting. As we’ve said earlier, we offer you the best scalable solutions to cloud VPS in the market.

To wrap up

No matter if you are just searching for a more robust hosting solution than shared hosting or you have a mega-sized eCommerce business that needs a more powerful hosting solution, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today, and let our technical experts answer all your cloud VPS hosting questions. Signing up is easy online and you can upgrade your services as your website or platform grows. Cloud VPS gives you the best of both worlds. So, when it comes to hosting, if you want a dedicated server in a hosting environment that is affordable and scalable then Luxhosting VPS is what you need. Connect with our VPS expert for your free consultation.