Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard

With just one SSL certificate, you can increase trust in your domain as well as all subdomains.



Domain Validation


Warranty: $10,000


In 15 minutes

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard

The Comodo Premium SSL wildcard SSL Certificate is a great way to secure one domain as well as all subdomains. This certificate protects as well as all associated subdomains such or

This certificate is Organisation Validated (OV), which will increase trust in your site by activating imagery such as “https”, the padlock icon next to the URL and you will find the Comodo Site Seal of the page. This will show real-time company information when clicked by a user. This wildcard SSL certificate can be used by medium-sized businesses and ecommerce websites to increase the trust that their customers have in them.



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Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard
Brand Comodo
Domains 1
Fantastic for Medium size companies
Validition OV
Greenbar cancel
Paperwork cancel
Secures +
Local domains cancel
Mobile support check_circle
Assurance Low
Refund 15 days
Warranty 250,000
Browser support 99,9%
Reissues Unlimitable
Key length 2048 – 4096-bit
Encryption Up to 256-bit

What Are the Benefits of Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard


Domain Validation

For premium SSL Wildcard certificates to be issued, an organisation validation (OV), must be obtained. This means that the organisation or company must be verified before issuance.


Domain Security

The Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard Certificate is one of the most popular wildcard security options. It comes with 256-bit encryption or a root of 2048-bits.


Warranty: 250,000

The Organisation Validated (OV), certificate comes with a generous warranty. $250,000. In the unlikely event that your SSL is compromised, Comodo will compensate you.


Free Site Seal

Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard certificates will display the internationally recognised Site Seal on your site. Customers continue to associate it with Reputability and trust.


Multi-Domain & SAN Support

A wildcard SSL certificate protects one domain in addition to unlimited subdomains. To protect your and, you can use Comodo Premium SSL Wildcard.


Return Policy

Our goal is to provide the best SSL products so rest assured that this certificate is the best option for you. It can be returned within 15 days.

Get your customers’ trust by securing your website.

SSL Certification FAQs

What is a Wildcard Certificate?

A wildcard SSL certificate is the next-generation security solution that allows the main website and its subdomains to be secured by a single SSL certificate, even if the sites are on the multiple servers. It is a one-stop security solution for any website with multiple subdomains. It is a reliable and scalable certificate that unifies all subdomains security into singe certificate, saving money and making certificate management seamless.

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