WordPress 6 Update: What’s in Store?

WordPress 6 was released just a few days ago. We are already very happy with it. There are approximately 1000 improvements and many exciting new features. WordPress 6.0 enhances the tools and capabilities that were available in previous versions.

WordPress 6.0 was created to help you realize your creative goals and make site-building easier. WordPress powers over 42% of all websites worldwide, and Luxhosting continues providing safe top-tier WordPress hosting to thousands of sites.

What’s in Store with WP 6.0?

Improved Writing Experience

writing changes

There are many ways to improve your writing, no matter if you’re creating new articles or adding parts to existing ones. To simplify the content development process, consider these:

  • You can copy and paste text from multiple blocks more easily.
  • Use two open brackets ‘[[‘. to quickly view a list recent pages and posts.
  • Keep current styles when you convert certain blocks from one type of block to another. For example, a Paragraph block to Code block.
  • You can create custom buttons. Any new buttons that you create will automatically keep the style customizations.
  • Tag clouds and social symbols are now more appealing with updated settings and controls.

Easily Switch Styles

style variation wp 6.0

Block themes now have the ability to contain multiple style variations. This allows you to modify the look and feel of your site from a single theme. In block themes that support this function, you can change both the font-weight and style options, including the default colour palette. You can easily change the look and feel of your website with just a few clicks.

Increased Templates Choices

template choices wp6

WordPress 6.0 introduces five new block template options: author (date), categories, tags, taxonomy, tag, and tag. These new templates provide content developers more options. You can customize each one with the tools that you already have, or with the additional options in this release.

  • The cover might contain featured photos.
  • You can now get the results you want with the new picture scaling settings.
  • The rapid inserter displays templates and patterns when you edit a template at the root or between blocks. This will help you to work faster and find alternative layouts.
  • The query block allows filtering on multiple authors and custom taxonomies. It also lets you customize what is displayed if there are no results.

Additional Design Resources

Each new version brings more power and ease to designing tools. The following are some of the highlights from WordPress 6:

  • The new colour panel design saves space and still displays your selections at a glance.
  • Customizing your border as you wish is easier with the new border controls
  • More than 50 modifications were made to the platform in order to make it more accessible.
  • The pattern will now be displayed in more places such as the fast inserter and when you build a new header/footer.
  • Colour transparency levels allow for more creative colour combinations
  • You can control spacing, margins and typography for a group of blocks at once by using the Group block.
  • You can arrange blocks in groups with more layout flexibility by choosing between stack, row, or group versions.
  • You can use the gallery block’s gap support functionality to create a variety appearance. This includes adding space between photos and completely deleting them.

Improved List Preview

improved list view wp 6

Now you can select multiple blocks from the list view and change them in bulk. You can also drag and drop them into the list using keyboard shortcuts. List View is easy to open and close. It collapses by default and expands to your current selection whenever you select a block.

Controls for Block Locking

block locking wp6.0

Now you can secure your blocks. You can now deactivate the ability to move or remove blocks, or both. This simplifies the project handover and allows your clients to freely express themselves without worrying about accidentally destroying their site.

WordPress 6.0 has improved performance

This version contains several modifications that aim to improve WordPress’s performance. These performance improvements include faster page and post load times, shorter query execution time, caching and navigation menus. Performance team is an important focus area for the core development team. For more information, follow this group’s efforts on Making WordPress with #performance hashtag.

How Do I Setup WordPress in cPanel?

  • Sign in to your Client Area.
  • Select the “Products and Services” option.
  • Choose the Hosting Plan to which you want to install WordPress.
  • The product dashboard will be shown. There is an Actions tab on the left side. Select the first option, “Login To cPanel,” from this screen.
  • Within the cPanel. Scroll down until you reach the “Software” category.
  • Within this category, choose “Softaculous App Installer.”
  • Choose the WordPress version you need and provide all required information.
  • Choose a theme and enter your email address to get installation instructions. (Please keep in mind that if you enter the admin email address, no installation instructions will be sent there, and Softaculous has a one-click setup.)

For more details and screenshots go here.


WordPress developers released WordPress 6 beta on May 24, 2022. WordPress 6.0 will make site editing easier. You will be able to personalize and use the design tools and blocks more effectively. You can test the new features by going to your editor and updating to the latest version of WordPress.

Luxhosting is a market leader within the WordPress hosting industry for more than 10 years. If you’re looking for WordPress web hosting, we are just a click away!