Save the Date: Lux-Internet Days 2020

We’ve been keeping some exciting news from you: Luxhosting is a Gold Sponsor of Lux-Internet Days 2020!

If you’re new to tech and have no clue why you should be excited about this, don’t worry; we’ve got you:

What you need to know about Lux-Internet Days

Lux-Internet Days (Luxembourg Internet Days) is a free annual event put on by LU-CIX where ICT professionals meet to address trends, innovations and challenges in the tech industry.

The best thing about Lux-Internet Days is that even though it’s completely free to attend, you’ll get to participate in high-quality discussions, listen to business case presentations, and participate in round tables and an expo. You’ll also get to listen to informative lectures that answer some of your burning tech questions.

And for the first time, to keep you safe during COVID-19, Lux-Internet Days will be completely online this year!

How the online programme will work

The organisers of Lux-Internet Days are pretty tech-savvy, to say the least, so you can be sure that the event will carry on without a hitch. You’ll have access to the entire event – including the interactive exhibitors’ area, workshops, and live sessions – through a dedicated platform that you’ll access through the event’s website.

The theme of Lux-Internet Days 2020

This year’s theme is “Network Security & Cloud security – Crisis Management & Resilience.”

As usual, the organisers have their fingers right on the pulse of people who use technology in their businesses.

Recently, many companies have been scrambling to figure out how to conduct top-secret company meetings online. Now, more than ever, we need to know how to protect our information from people who wish to steal it.

Still, with so many people at home, there’s never been a better time to get web hosting and create that business website you’ve been designing. And this year’s Lux-Internet Days event will help you protect your website’s private information from prying, spying eyes.

Discussions to look forward to at Lux-Internet Days 2020:

  • What can you do to limit the scale and extent of a successful cyberattack?
  • How can we make networks stronger and more resilient in the face of risk?
  • How to not be caught off guard by a cyber crisis scenario
  • What new technologies should be included in our preparation against a cyber crisis?
  • How implementing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning inside a company can support risk assessment
  • What would the European Cloud Project mean for cybersecurity?

And this isn’t even all the topics! (Click here for a more detailed list of topics you can look forward to.)

You won’t want to miss Lux-Internet Days 2020. Here’s why:

1.You’ll learn how to protect your website.

Hackers are ramping up their phishing schemes, because they’re trying to capitalise on people’s fears surrounding covid-19. And they’re especially targeting vulnerable websites. The Lux-Internet Days event will give you the tools you need to ward off cyberattacks.


2.You’ll learn valuable information from some of the smartest people in tech.

Lux-Internet Days is well-known for its high-quality lectures, and this year’s event will be no different. This is a great opportunity to learn valuable information about cybersecurity from speakers whose track records prove that they know what they’re talking about.


3.You’ll get information you can trust.

There’s a lot of conflicting information about cybersecurity on the internet, and a lot of it comes from people who are trying to sell you sub-par security products. At Lux-Internet Days, you’ll get accurate information on cybersecurity, and you won’t have to sift through hundreds of keyword-stuffed websites that show you twenty million ads but never actually get around to answering your questions.


4.It’s free.

Did we mention it’s free? Because it is. This is the kind of event you’d usually have to pay an arm and a leg to attend, but Lux-Internet Days is completely free.


5.You don’t even need to leave your house.

For the first time, the entire Lux-Internet Days programme will be online. This means you can listen to live keynote presentations, participate in workshops, mingle with fellow tech-lovers, and soak up valuable cybersecurity knowledge, all without having to change out of your pyjamas (or risk infection).

Wrapping up

Lux-Internet Days is a free, high-quality internet conference, and this year’s event is stuffed to the brim with valuable cybersecurity information. You’ve been increasingly relying on technology to keep you connected to your business. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn exactly how to secure your company’s secrets as you conduct meetings over networks and store sensitive data in the cloud.

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