Camping Val D’Or Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a thriving business hub, but did you know it also offers many magnificent camping havens tucked away in the woods or near charming river banks? One that offers a most unique experience in Luxembourg is Campsite Val d’Or. It is the ideal location for both short stops or extended stays because it is nestled in Luxembourg’s picturesque evergreen hills. The northern region of Luxembourg, where Camping Val d’Or is situated, is a great place to go hiking, riding, and motorcycling. The numerous summertime children’s activities at the campground demonstrate its family-friendly nature.

Let’s get to know the story behind Camping Val D’Or

We had a chance to talk to Dirkjan and Liesbeth to learn more about their company and services. Spend a few minutes discover the charm behind Camping Val D’Or, its success as a small business in Luxembourg and why they choose LuxHosting to host their website.

Can you tell us a bit more about the story behind Camping Val D’Or Luxembourg?

Camping Val d’Or is a small family campsite in the north. After a decade away with the family van Donk, we took over the business and built it up to what it is today. We have both big and small renting facilities on a beautiful campsite pitched on the small Clerve river (Luxembourgish: Klierf). In fact, Camping Val D’Or is located in one of the most beautiful hiking areas of Europe the Éislek. Steep slopes, picturesque plateaus, and dense forests are a plenty at Éislek.

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What three factors would you say are essential to running your business in Luxembourg?

A nice place where our guests feel welcome, a good internet site with a lot of good photos and right booking system, so the whole workload goes faster and easier.

What are your main services/amenities?

We rent campsites pitches, several accommodations and tents. In addition, we provide breakfast and dinner in our bistro for those wishing to dine or get take away.

Source: Camping Val d’Or

Can you tell our readers what are the advantages of your unique location in Luxembourg Ardennes?

There is great infrastructure around this country for campers. In fact, we have beautiful hiking pads, great roads for motorists or cyclists, and everything is well organised. Because this is a small country, connecting with the government is also quite easy.

What makes your campsite unique over others in Luxembourg?

Oohhh, that’s a tricky question. But the location is doing a lot, with the Clerve river a stone throw away, the campsite is big pleasure for children and adults alike.

Source: Camping Val d’Or

Do you have any promotions running right now?

Not at the moment. Keep an eye on or website for special offers.

Why did you choose LuxHosting to Host your website?

When we took over the campsite we already where costumer, so we continued. Plus, the services has improved a lot in the last years. So, we’re happy with our decision to stay.

How long have you been hosting with us?

We have been costumers for the last 5 years now.

What are the advantages of hosting with LuxHosting?

The quick response, good service and nice support.

Is your website made by an agency or in-house?

Our website is built by Tenzer in the Netherlands, they are the specialist for campsite owners.

How has having a website for your campsite impacted your business?

It is the most reliable means to send clients our way and create a consistent cash-flow, even during the slow season. Without a website, we’d have no business.

Did COVID19 pandemic affect your business?

Yes, of course, the lock-down was painful for business. It was difficult to do see everything is closed, but we survived!

What are your plans for your company in the next five years?

We want to enhance our way of working and expand to more locations. We think with this recession, people will go camping more and enjoy the greenery to relax from the stress of the world.

Source: Camping Val d’Or

What advice do you have for other aspiring entrepreneurs for running their website?

Be part of this great company. Their service is great and quick. They can help you with all your hosting questions!