International Popularity of .DE Domain Names Reaches All-time High

DENIC, the organization that manages Germany’s .DE country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) and international .DE registrations, compiled and published statistics from .DE domain names, which show the international popularity of the domain on the internet.

Background on De Domain names

According to the report, DENICs database held 17,160,504 .DE domain names by the end of 2021. Out of these, a whopping 1.7 million registrants lived outside of Germany. The figure in the year 2021 showed an increase of 244,000 domain names from those of the year 2020. In 2020, DENIC had 128,000 international registrations. The new figure is an increase of about 50% from 2020 figures.

Besides, the current 1.7 million international .DE registrations represent about 9.88% of all .DE registrations made to date. In comparison, international registrations were just 8.7% of all domain names in the year 2020.

Further, a lion’s share of the international .DE registrations belonged to United States citizens. US domain owners held 21% of all foreign .DE domain names. This is a little above half of the total share of six countries of Austria, Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and Portugal, which have a combined share of 38.7%.

Increased Market Share

The combined market share had increased by 3.6% when compared to the year 2020 numbers. However, the share taken by non-European countries has remained unchanged in the last two years at 16% of all the domain names.

However, even with an increase of accounts registered to .DE domain names, over 90% of accounts are registered domestically in Germany. The percentage represents over 15.5 million registered domain names. In addition, DENIC found that these figures account for a whopping 60% of all the domains that are registered within Germany’s borders. Therefore, it is safe to say that DENIC is the market leader in Germanys .DE country code domain market.

The huge number of registered accounts from outside Germany demonstrates how popular the .DE domain is around the internet. Its share has also been steadily increasing in recent years, while spreading far and wide across the globe.

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