5 Advantages of an .XYZ Domain

Your business can be a trendsetter by being the first to adopt the .XYZ by taking advantage of Letzebuerg’s premium gTLD offer. If you’re wondering what a gTLD is it stands for generic top-level domain. Evidently, .xyz has been around since 2014 but it has been growing in popularity ever since it’s an introduction to the domain industry.

Exploring the History of the .XYZ Domain

.XYZ as a domain extension was a part of a planned rollout of new gTLDs by ICANN in 2013. It first came on the market for registration in 2014. The XYZ domain’s extraordinary success story was evident from the very genesis of the gTLD.

There were over 750,000 registrations within the first six months of the launch.

However, an even bigger breakthrough for the .XYZ domain came in 2015, the parent group Google Alphabet Inc, adopted the use of the domain extension.

Google co-founder Larry Page announced in a press release that the company would switch to using the domain extension .xyc as abc.xyz. Since then, Google Alphabet Inc. has carved out its internet home at abc .xyz. This extension is an excellent example of how instrumental a new gTLD is for building a brand. Moreover, the Google brand gave .XYZ a colossal boost in the industry. By the end of 2015, .xyz saw over over 1.5 million domains registrations.

registration of xyz domain tlds
Source: ntldstats

As of 2021, the .XYZ domain had notched up over 3.6 million domains. It is one of the more frequently registered gTLDs worldwide after the popular .com, .net, and .org. Unlike .com, one of the appeals of using the .XYZ gTLD is that there are many domains available for registration, which is one of the more major advantages of this domain—but more on that later.

Why you should choose a .XYZ domains

The domain extension .XYZ is a prime choice for a myriad of reasons. It offers a range of benefits that your business can benefit from. As with most popular generic domain extensions consists of three letters but not just any three letters, XYZ is playing on the ending of the alphabet, therefore, domains registered under .XYZ can be utilized for any purpose, that is, from A to Z. More importantly, you can still register a .XYZ at an affordable price. In this article we’re going to outline the advantages of using a .XYZ domain extension for your online business, blog, or multi-purpose website.

3 Advantages of Using a .XYZ Domain Extension

1. .XYZ is not Geo-locked

world map .xyz 1
Source: elements.envato

A huge number of new gTLDs are geo-locked. While others have regional connection that restricts their use to specific locations. For example, country-specific gTLDs like .eu, .co.uk, .uk, .cologne or .car. This is not the case with a .xyz domain extension. In fact, your .xyz domain is international and intergenerational. And therefore, expertly-suited to businesses, freelancers, eCommerce websites, blogs, and so much more. So, regardless of your theme, project or field, a .xyz covers anything from A to Z.

2. It’s not industry-specific

When you compare .XYZ to other industry specific gTLDs you come up with flexibility and the gTLD that has a wide range of use. Industry specific gTLDs like .digital or .photography can only be used on websites that fall under those categories.

What’s more is, .XYZ is short, catchy and easily remembered and can hold it’s own weight against the more conventional generic extensions like .com, .net or .org.

3. Not Registration Restrictions

With a .XYZ domain extension there are no restrictions on registering a new domain name. Domains registered under .XYZ can be completed anywhere in the world. This piggybacks off of .xyz not being geo-locked. This domain can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, for any project, regardless of the size of the business be it a private individual, small business, or a large corporation.

4. Get a Professionally Branded Email Address

With a .XYZ gTLD you can create a branded email address for your company. Imagine having your new email address as [email protected]. Plus, the average web hosting plan with cPanel will llet you host your custom domain emails for free. With this unique gTLD, your emails would stand out in your recipient’s inbox and would never get lost among average yahoo or Gmail emails.

5. A .XYZ does not have an original or specific intended use like other TLDs.

Whenever a TLD or gTLD is created, it is created for a very specific purpose and intended use. When .com, .net and .org was created they were made for websites that came under and particular category.

  • .com was intended for commercial business and enterprises
  • .net was created for online networks
  • .org was created for organizations like NGOs and the like
  • .edu was created for institutions of learning

So, you get the idea. As we’ve mentioned earlier, with a .XYZ domain extension there are no limits or restrictions. what’s more is it won’t pin-hole your business with a niche-based gTLD. XYZ has unlimited power and possibility and so can your website.

Be bold and register a .XYZ gTLD today

Here is your chance to become an innovator online by choosing luxhosting.com versatile domain name extension .XYZ. Here are more reasons to choose a .XYZ today:

  • It’s short and catchy.
  • By definition it is generic—in that, it is not restricted to a specific use or meaning like many other gTLD extensions on the market. That is, it is not specifically geared towards a particular industry, a demographic or a specific location.
  • It goes beyond language barriers.
  • It is memorable. Your customers or online community won’t forget your website or your email address.

Even though the letters XYZ are at the end of the alphabet, on the internet they invoke the beginner of a huge internet success story.