How ZenCommerce Scaled their Ecommerce Business with LuxHosting

Every day, we witness more and more inspiring ways that businesses interact and support their communities. Today, we want to highlight ZenCommerce India Pvt. Ltd., a leading ready-to-build e-commerce platform that assists business owners and shop owners in India, Luxembourg and the rest of the world in creating their own e-commerce websites. ZenCommerce headquarters is situated in Navi Mumbai, and sources a lot of its online store software from countries in Europe, particularly Poland and Luxembourg. It is one of the top E-commerce platforms in India and has assisted numerous start-up businesses.

ZenCommerce has participated in global events, namely WHD India, Cloud Fest, Cloud Bazaar, and HostingCon. The company provides built-in features that make it easier to collect payments for the goods in online shops.

ankur goel zencommerce
Ankur Goel – CEO ZenCommerce


Ankur Goel, ZenCommerce’s CEO, talks about how his company helps people set up their own online stores and get noticed on the internet. You can learn more about ZenCommerce, why it’s a great online store platform, and how it chose LuxHosting as its web server by spending a few minutes reading about it. Trust us, it’s worth it!

ZenCommerce filling the gap for ecommerce stores

“ZenCommerce came up with the idea of making it super easy for regular stores to accept payments online. They want to give all storefronts the chance to have their own online store without having to buy extra software to collect payments from things like credit cards, PayPal, and other payment gateways. That’s why ZenCommerce offers a monthly subscription fee that includes a website and popular payment gateways (like CCavenues, Popular credit cards, PayU and PayPal) for ecommerce stores – it’s a total game-changer!”

What two factors would you say are instrumental to running your business?

“The idea of our company is to remove the boundaries for companies who need to create an ecommerce store. One way to do this, as mentioned before, is to create digital products. So, the first way we did this was to establish our presence in India then to branch out. Another factor we considered was to secure domain extensions in markets where ZenCommerce has key clients, so now you can find us at, and”

When you sell online, you instantly open your store to your neighborhood, but also to people all around the world. This means anyone can buy from you at any time, as long as you put in a little bit of effort to target those clients.

What are your main services?

Ecommerce and Digital marketing and SEO services are our main services.

This means we can help you set up your own online store and build a website from scratch or with our do-it-yourself tool. We can also help with things like social media management, content marketing, and more. Basically, if you have an idea for an online store but don’t have a lot of time to manage it, we have pretty much everything you need to make it successful.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro at ecommerce, we’ve got you covered with our services.

zencommerce digital marketing
Image source: ZenCommerce

Best solutions and competitive pricing

At ZenCommerce, you can anticipate cutting-edge solutions in the form of individualized and tailored service, as well as tailor-made templates that you can customize to your needs. Plus, we offer super competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of our service.

One of the things that makes a company successful is having reliable support for our customers. We can create support explainer videos for our clients, some examples are on our YouTube channel, ZenCommercein. This way, our clients can learn all about how to use our services and make their website the best it can be, which adds value for both their website and their customers.

So, if you’re looking for a company that cares about its customers and goes the extra mile to help them succeed, we might be a good fit for you.

Why did you choose LuxHosting to host your website?


I also plan to expand ZenCommerce services to the Luxembourgish and a wider European market. ZenCommerce started out as DreamCommerce, a company focused on the Polish market. As we grew, we rebranded, and began looking for additional locations. LuxHosting, is the perfect fit for us, with reliable hosting solutions and secure web servers. I have all the computing resources I need now, and as my business continues to grow, I know I can easily upgrade my plan.

I had the chance to meet LuxHosting executives from as far back as 2012. They are well established in Europe, have localized servers and understand the strict GDPR rules that are essential for running a business in the EU. Their business is highly efficient, and because of this, they’ve earned my trust.

When I found out that they really control and maintain their servers, have their own in-house network and development team, I felt confident that they were the right choice. After several exchanges with the company, I decided to bring my business to their network.

Having the right tools to meet the growing needs of ZenCommerce while minimizing costs was a key factor in my decision to choose LuxHosting. I’ve been a customer since 2019, and I’m happy with my choice. I can easily book meetings or call them, and most importantly, I trust them and they trust me.

How has the COVID19 pandemic impact your business?

Prior to COVID, ZenCommerce provided primarily website building services. During COVID this demand skyrockets. Then we decided to offer domains and hosting with it. People understood that shops were closed, which meant no one would walk-in for days, week and months. When people decided to make the switch to the digital scene we were there, not only with websites, but with hosting and other digital marketing solutions that could propel their business online.

In the last two years our game-changing software has opened the door for businesses. Given the current climate we also anticipate a surge in the e-commerce phenomenon and the predicted big profit gains in the upcoming years.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs for running their website?

Every entrepreneur should have a digital presence by default. This can be established in many ways. First, by opening social media business accounts and handles to engage and sell online. Next, you could create a website. The easiest thing to do is to start a one-pager, and later you can populate the website as you see fit.

Do you have any ongoing promotions for your services?

We have a special 50% discount to all Luxembourgish clients who want an ecommerce shop now. So, if you have your company in the brick-and-mortar stage and want to get it online, this promotion is for you. The offer is valid until the end of 2023

Do you have anything else you would like to share with the community?

No matter the product you are selling, create a website and sell it online too. This will create opportunities for yourself and people. Even when you sleep you can make money, so you’ll essentially have a 24/7 business.


LuxHosting is the perfect place to host your website, especially if you’re in Europe and need to adhere to the strict GDPR rules. Ankur and the team at Zencommerce set themselves apart from their competitiors by offering websites that perform exceptionally well and digital services that are competitively priced. distinguishes his company from his rivals by having websites that operate considerably better, and services competitively priced for the market. With the help of LuxHosting’s tailored hosting services, ZenCommerce is confident in their ability to deliver first-class services and provide their clients with quick, high-quality websites. Trust us – you won’t be disappointed!”