Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain

For one low price, get the green address bar for all your websites.



Extended validation


Secure Multiple Domains


Issued 2-7 days

Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain

One of the most distinctive SSL certificates available is the PositiveSSL EV multi-Domain. It can implement industry-standard encryption, activate the green address bars on up to 250 domains simultaneously.

Imagine how much time and money you can save by encrypting all of a company’s web presence in one go. It’s also an EV certificate, which means it can boost trust and converts across all domains. The best thing about the PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain is its price. There is no better option to encrypt multiple websites with EV SSL than the PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain.



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Comodo Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain
Brand Comodo
Domains 1
Great for Personal & Business
Validition EV
Greenbar check_circle
Paperwork cancel
Secures +
Local domains cancel
Mobile support check_circle
Assurance High
Refund 15 days
Warranty $10,000
Browser support 99,9%
Reissues Unlimited
Key length 2048 – 4096-bit
Encryption Up to 256-bit

What Are the Benefits of Positive SSL EV Multi-Domain


Extended validation

The Extended Validation (EV SSL Certificate) PositiveSSL EVMulti-Domain requires that a company or organisation undergo extensive business vetting prior to it being issued.


Domain Security

PositiveSSL EV multi-Domain offers industry-standard 256 bit encryption strength and is equipped with a 2048bit signature key.


$10,000 Warranty

PositiveSSL PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificates are backed by a generous $1,000,000 Warranty. This means that you will be covered in case of any problems on Comodo’s part.


Free Site Seal

A static seal is included with the PositiveSSL EV Multidomain certificate. To let your customers know that they are shopping on a secure website, you can display this seal.


Multi-Domain Support & SAN

PositiveSSL EV Multidomain can encrypt up to 250 domains simultaneously. The certificate comes pre-packaged with two additional SANs (covering 3 domains each) and can be added as required.


2 Weeks Return

We want to make sure you get the SSL product you choose. The certificate comes with a 15-day return policy.

Get your customers’ trust by securing your website.

SSL Certification FAQs

What is the time it takes to issue a PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain Certificate?

The type of certificate you choose will affect the time taken for the certificate owner’s certificate to be verified and SSL certificates to be issued. A PositiveSSL Multi-Domain certificate is usually issued within one to seven days.

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