Why Create a Business in Luxembourg?

You may not have noticed it, but many entrepreneurs who aren’t based in Luxembourg have started to buy Luxembourg web hosting. Why Luxembourg? It’s not just because this centrally located European country is an excellent gateway to the rest of the European market. It’s also because in its own right, Luxembourg is an excellent place to start a business.

Why Luxembourg is a great place to start a business:

1. Luxembourg is stable.

Luxembourg is known for being politically and financially stable. Start your business in Luxembourg and you won’t have to worry about coups, corruption or currency. 犀利士 This makes it an excellent place to start your business.

2. Luxembourg attracts talented people.

Luxembourg has a workforce of about 430,000 employees, and more than 200,000 commuters travel across the border to work in Luxembourg every day. That’s because Luxembourg’s employment benefits make it attractive to talented people all across Europe. This pool of talented people could be your intelligent, innovative employees, if you start your business in Luxembourg.

3. Self-employed entrepreneurs enjoy many benefits

Many people create a Luxembourg website as a way to get their foot in the door. The strategy is this: Create a website that does very well. Use your brand as a launching pad to finance a move to Luxembourg. Finally, move to Luxembourg!

“Luxembourg has unparalleled benefits for the self-employed entrepreneur.”

In fact, self-employed entrepreneurs enjoy many of the same benefits as employees. These rights include parental leave and old-age pension, and, in the event that one is suddenly unable to work, unemployment benefits. (Paid from the fourth month, as long as you’ve been working for at least six months.)

4. Great work-life balance

Luxembourg also places a high value on having a good work-life balance. If this sounds like something that might take some getting used to as someone who’s looking to start a business, rather than be employed in one, take heart: Employees in Luxembourg aren’t lazy. Far from it! But unlike some cultures, employees in Luxembourg value being well rested and happy, which makes them more productive at work.

As a business owner in Luxembourg, you’ll be able to experience the unparalleled productivity that comes from having a workforce that’s alert, rested, and eager to innovate.

5. Travel is super easy

The transportation system is one of the reasons why Luxembourg is a hot location to create a business. Luxembourg is centrally located in Western Europe. This puts it well within reach of many of Europe’s major hubs, such as London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Zurich, and Paris.

To travel within the city, you only need to use Luxembourg’s famous tram. And Luxembourg recently made all public transport free, which cuts significantly into your transportation costs. (Luxembourg is the first country in the world to make public transport free!)

6. Luxembourg is multicultural

Luxembourg is a country in which almost half of the population are non-native. This means that if you ever decide to move to Luxembourg to start a brick-and-mortar business, you’ll be moving to an environment that’s friendly to non-natives. This makes the transition smoother and much more enjoyable.

7. High quality of life

Luxembourg isn’t a concrete jungle. More than half the country consists of parks and natural areas. Luxembourg is also home to The Old City, which is a medieval fortress in the middle of the capital. (This is a UNESCO world heritage site.)

Because Luxembourg places so much emphasis on recreation, you can participate in lots of activities in your free time. Whether you love sailing, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, knitting, or rollerblading, you’re sure to find a thriving community of people who share your interests.

Additionally, Luxembourg has an efficient health and social security system, which also make life in Luxembourg pleasant and fulfilling.

8. It’s easy to start a website in Luxembourg

If you have your heart set on starting a business in Luxembourg but you don’t quite have the capital to invest in a physical location yet, you can take an alternative route by creating a business website that’s based in Luxembourg. It’s important that the web hosting company’s servers be based in Luxembourg, because this will ensure that your customers in Luxembourg will experience a website that loads quickly, instead of one that spends ages buffering.

In Luxembourg, we pride ourselves on being technologically advanced, and our servers are no different. A web hosting company that’s based in Luxembourg will have lightning-fast servers, which will give your website the best chances for success!

Wrapping up

A great work-life balance, a thriving economy, a multicultural society, and an exemplary transportation system are just some of the reasons why Luxembourg is an excellent place to start your business. Dip your toes into the Luxembourg business world by getting Luxembourg web hosting and creating your Luxembourg-based website. This simple decision could change your life beyond your dizziest daydreams!