Upcoming Price Adjustments for cPanel and Plesk

You may have heard that both cPanel and Plesk have announced changes to their pricing licenses. The price adjustments directly affect partners like LuxHosting who sell these services directly to clients via a cPanel or Plesk Hosting package. All hosting providers worldwide, including Luxhosting.com, will be impacted by the modification of fees. For complete openness, we wanted to bring this issue to your attention. If you have a web hosting account that makes use of the cPanel or Plesk software, this article is for you.

How pricing adjustment for cPanel and Plesk affect customers

Customers who have cPanel accounts on VPS and dedicated servers from LuxHosting Hosting will be impacted by these changes. Price adjustments for cPanel and Plesk take effect on January 15, 2023. As a result, LuxHosting will now need to boost its pricing for both control panels in order to continue offering the top-notch service for which we are renowned. Here is a brief description of what to anticipate.

When will the cPanel price changes become effective?

LuxHosting prides itself in delivering cutting edge services that is advantageous to you and your clients. Therefore, we will continue to deliver services that benefit you at the most competitive rates. We will change the prices for our cPanel pricing tiers on January 15, 2023. This means that, invoices generated on or after January 15, 2023 will automatically reflect the new pricing updates. Here’s what it boils down to:

Solo Cloud 15,99 15,99 14,39
Solo Metal 19,99 19,99 17,99
Admin Cloud 27,99 27,99 25,19
Pro Cloud 39,99 39,99 35,99
Plus Cloud 49,99 49,99 44.99
Premier Cloud 59,99 59,99 53,99
Premier Metal 59,99 59,99 53,99

*The new autoscaling cPanel price mechanism will also charge 39 cents each additional cPanel account.

What are the new Plesk rates?

As you know, Plesk is a per-server license with different pricing choices for physical or virtual servers, sometimes referred to as dedicated servers or VPSs (virtual private servers). Plesk also provides a number of editions, each of which is licensed by a number of domains per such server.

Web Admin Edition – VPS 11,50 11,50 9,99
Web Pro Edition – VPS 17,50 17,50 14,99
Web Host Edition – VPS 30,00 30,00 25,99
Web Admin Edition – Dedicated 11,50 11,50 9,99
Web Pro Edition – Dedicated 17,50 17,50 14,99
Web Host Edition – Dedicated 50,00 50,00 42,99

LuxHosting is Continuously There for You

Making the switch to the new cPanel and Plesk pricing as seamless as feasible is our top priority. We have carefully updated our prices so that you get the best possible rate. We aim to keep prices as low as possible for you because we recognize how this pricing change can have an impact on your website and your company.

Customers of LuxHosting will start to see these price changes on January 15, 2023. This means, that invoices you receive on or after the aforementioned dates will use the new pricing module.

The takeaway

If you decide to create more cPanel or Plesk accounts, it is simple to upgrade or downgrade your license. You have the chance to balance the pros and cons, and it is advisable to continue doing what you are doing where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We can help if you need help updating your subscription. Our customer support staff is also accessible around-the-clock to address any inquiries.