Trilux Barcamp 2021 – What to Expect?

The annual TriLux Barcamp sponsored by Luxhosting is on November 27th, 2021, at the Hochschule Trier- Campus, Germany. In this year’s Barcamp, sheds light on the numerous opportunities that digitization offers and how to make business more ecologically and economically sustainable. Further, at the Barcamp, the risks and demerits of this endeavor to your business will also be discussed.

Everything on the agenda revolves around digitalization at Barcamp 2021. At the venue, you will learn about new sustainable digital business models around the Trier-Luxembourg region, how to manage employees online and offline, challenges companies may face, and the risks that face the digital future. The Barcamp brings together specialists who are knowledgeable and who help to shape digitization in its entirety.

The Barcamp is an opportunity to learn and establish valuable connections in the Trier-Luxembourg border region.

Luxhosting Sponsor

This year, LuxHosting Networks is a gold sponsor at the TriLux Barcamp. We are Luxembourg’s go-to Web Host and we have been in the industry for quite some time. We’ve got a planned Workshop on how to create a professional website in a day. This information is valuable because websites can help small businesses reach new markets quickly. Therefore, you do not want to miss out on this experience.

Luxhosting facilitates Workshop

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Barcamp event agenda

A Barcamp usually has no pre-meditated agendas because the topics are primarily determined by the participants who attend on that day. However, the set theme of the day is shedding light on the numerous opportunities that digitization offers and how to make business more eco-friendly and economically sustainable. The event will begin at 9 am and conclude at 6 pm.

What if you or your employees already have ideas or approaches to solutions that you may wish to present in the discussion rounds? Then, you may want to take some notes and prepare to give them to the other participants in the event.

On the morning of the event, before any presentation begins, a democratic vote will be held to determine which proposals will be discussed in all 24 sessions. Therefore, it is important to brainstorm and develop a proposal because it may be voted as a subject of discussion in the Barcamp. Feel free to check out the complete agenda here.

What to expect?

trilux-barcamp-2019-3 Attendees at the last Trilux Barcamp in 2019

The central theme of this year’s Trilux BarCamp is how digitization can make a business ecological and economically sustainable. You may also anticipate knowing more about the following areas:

  • Screen economy- sustainable economy through digitization
  • Saving commuting and reducing CO2 emission through working from home
  • More efficient processes through a paperless office
  • Saving resources through dematerialization

Applying digital technologies to a business environment has proven to be the new way of conducting business. We have seen many employees being advised to work from home in the recent past, which is the industry’s future.

Technology makes it possible to work from home and still have the same output as working in the office. This way, digital technology will deliver efficiency and productivity by speeding up operations and processes.

In addition, digitization helps an organization to have a paperless environment. This would mean that your business is evolving to become more ecologically sensitive. Broadly, such environmental initiatives help inform better ecological policies and rules that will change how the organization makes eco-friendly decisions.

It is also critically important to know that digital transformation can reduce emissions and inspire economic growth. However, there are notable barriers that must be addressed before this is realized.

Where to get tickets?

You can click here to secure your ticket before the due date. The tickets are inclusive of food for the entire day, and students can purchase discounted tickets.

Reasons to attend

trilux-barcamp-2019-4 Presentation at the Tri-lux-Barcamp

You do not want to miss this year’s Barcamp because there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you own a start-up, you are a manager, journalist, or student, you must attend because there will be a broad range of subjects up for discussion. At the Tri-Lux Barcamp, they will highlight challenges and present solutions so that everyone may learn something new.

The participants determine the topics themselves. Some of the topics include handicrafts, retail, healthcare, tourism, and education. Here, you will get a chance to exchange knowledge, initiate projects, and even make new contacts.