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How do I configure DNS Servers for the Hosted Exchange Service?

The following support article will outline how to set up the Domain DNS Servers to accept Incoming and Outgoing Emails via the Hosted Exchange Service. *If you already know how to configure the DNS Server but require the Configurations see the table listed under Number "2" for the Entry Values. Before you start This support article requires the user to have DNS Host Administrator Access and approximately 30 minutes of time in order to configure servers. Only Administrators can update a domain DNS Entry. You should also note for servers to properly propagate an additional 24-48 hours is required. DNS Entry Types The following DNS entries are configured for the Hosted Exchange service. Read more
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How to Configure Microsoft Hosted Exchange Mailbox

Hosted Exchange Support This article serves to help your setup your new Hosted Exchange Email Service. This requires two distinct steps. First the user must create a custom email with their domain name. Then, Setup the email with the Outlook Web App. Note: If you'd like to setup your DNS, please see the article on 'how to setup your DNS for Hosted Exchange Email' first. Then, return to this article to setup your Hosted Exchange Mailbox Step 1. Create a Custom Email Account Login to your hosting account and select My Product and Services. Select your active “Hosted Exchange Service.” From the new Product dashboard, scroll to the bottom and select the blue button entitled “Managing Mailboxes” to create your custom email. Read more
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