Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting // Private Hosting

Can I transfer my website to your private hosting network on

Yes. We offer Free website transfers to clients with cPanel in under 24 hours. Our team is fully capable of transferring just about any website, so send our support staff a message if your site runs a different control panel. We’ll assist you in the shortest delay so that your website is on the fastest web hosting server with unlimited web hosting resources. You can send us a message for more details . here.

Is my hosting account managed?

Hosting // Virtual Private Servers

How do I administer my VPS account?

cPanel is an optional add-on that can assist you in managing your VPS account. The cPanel dashboard supports CentsOS and CloudLinux VPS. In addition, we have other control panels available for purchase.

Can I transfer my current website to's VPSplatform?
How long does it take to setup my account?
What is your server infrastructure like?

Hosting // Business Hosting

Do I get email accounts with my Business Hosting Service?

Yes. Each account is allotted a fixed amount of emails and if required allows users to upgrade to add more in the client area. However, users are not limited to just these email services. You can create Free emails in cPanel and connect them to your preferred email client. You can add email marketing service, to get access to pre-designed email templates to enhance your marketing plans. You can even use our email hosting solution for optimal privacy and security of your emails by using Microsoft Hosted Exchange.

Is my Business Hosting account managed?

Hosting // Reseller Hosting

How does Reseller Hosting really work?

Your first step is to rent server space from us at We are an international website Hosting supplier. Then rebrand the web hosting service, set your price, market and sell it to your customers. This process of rebranding and selling hosting products using your own brand name is also called White Label Hosting. This allows you to brand the items with your company logo and offer hosting solutions to your very own clients. And just like that, you can become an official hosting supplier who resells webhosting with us.

Do resellers manage web servers?

Services // backup

Am I able to back up databases like Microsoft SQL Server?

Yes, Acronis cloud backup uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service which allows you to back up Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint in a consistent state.
From the creation of version 4 (Acronis Agent build 12.0.1078), Acronis Backup Cloud has incorporated special backup agents for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server to activate its instance restore service.

Can I restrict network usage for backups?

Services // SSL Certification

What do SSL certificates do?

SSL Certification protects data that is transported through your website, prevents hacking and phishing of your websites and emails, and lets users know that your site is stable, well-organised, and trustworthy.

I'm not sure what type of Validation I have installed. How can I check the security status of my website?
Can SSL certificates increase your conversion rates?
Can an SSL certificate improve my website's SEO ranking?
Are SSL certificates compliant with international regulations?