Your Site Deserves a Domain That Stands Out

If you think of your website as your online storefront, your domain name is the giant sign on the awning telling everyone who you are. Whether your website is an actual store, a blog, a portfolio or anything in between, choosing the right domain name is a critical part of building your brand identity online. The more specific, relevant and unique your domain is, the more memorable it will be. The trick is, that it also needs to be simple. One way to be simple and specific is to look beyond .com and explore descriptive top-level domains (TLDs) like .photos, .pro, or .style. A domain that conveys your identity with descriptive words on both sides of the dot, will help you stand out, even in a crowded market.

Find the Perfect Fit

Once you’ve established your brand or picked the perfect business name, the last thing you want is to see a “domain unavailable” message. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for with traditional TLDs like .com. In fact, users only found an exact match of the two word domain they wanted 13% of the time, according to a study by DomainsBot, Inc. Descriptive TLDs give you more options and have much more availability than a traditional .com extension. With hundreds of available options across industries, Identity Digital makes it easy for you to find a TLD to fit your brand.

Shape Brand Identity and Search Visibility

Your unique TLD can not only convey your brand, but it can tap into growing trends to improve your ability to be found in search results. Marathon Photos Live is the world’s leading mass participation event sports photography company. They were able to use the .live domain to capture the growth of live event coverage and create a perfect match for their brand identity. Their website address does double duty by conveying their brand name and positioning them in the live event space.

Streamline Your Brand Story With a Personalized Domain

Are you a creator with content across social platforms and storefronts? Then a personalized domain with a .bio address could be the perfect way to brand and consolidate your content. Don’t settle for a long URL with extra characters because the one you want is taken. Keep it simple with a descriptive domain that includes your name or your brand name at .bio.

Spark Engagement and Speak to Your Brand Values

Descriptive domains are also an excellent way to engage with a specific community or industry. The .green domain is an excellent option for sustainability or environmental initiatives. Websites like use the .green domain to convey their company’s brand values before a user even makes it to their landing page.

Recap: Why a Descriptive Tld Should Win Out

Simple – With descriptive words on both sides of the dot, you can keep it concise and convey what your website, business or brand is all about.

Memorable – A short, descriptive domain is easier to promote, remember and return to.

Searchable– When your web address includes the most relevant search terms for your business, that improve search engine ranking and drive more traffic.

Available– Identity Digital offers hundreds of TLDs, giving you the best chance of finding a domain name that matches your business or brand.

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