Makes Ordering Cloud VPS Easier released its cloud VPS configuration tool to help users save time and money. At LuxHosting, the demand for virtual private servers is increasing significantly every year. The company currently offers a special experience for high-performance Cloud VPSs in order to meet demand and make it easier for customers to grasp.

What this implies for customers 

The Cloud VPS service from LuxHosting is made to enable clients to scale as needed. This indicates that it is now simpler to expand or decrease resources with in accordance with business needs. The configuration tool’s most recent revisions give new users an easier method to modify plans after setup. For instance, regardless of the VPS plan, a user can raise the CPU core count, add up to 4 clean dedicated IPv4 addresses, boost RAM, select server-based protection, and more. Additionally, clients can pick their chosen OS from a selection of OSs.

“Online small businesses must have the option to design private servers since it allows them superior server management, security, and high availability at affordable pricing,” explained the VPS Network specialist at LuxHosting.

Why VPS Configurator Is Essential?

For every VPS created, there are separate features that make the process unique. It has dedicated processing power, disk space and server memory. Every website hosted on these servers is secure, loads faster and offers better server control. use Ceph on our cloud virtual private servers. It has 3 replica virtual machines that run concurrently to prevent downtime or data loss. If one machine fails, the others in the stream keep the website running. In essence, the customer benefits in the following ways:

  • Customize their plans based on needs. They can increase CPU cores, disk space, RAM space and can add extra IPv4 addresses.
  • They can choose their preferred operating system from Ubuntu, Cloud Linux, Cents OS 7-8, Debian 9-10 and Windows 2019.
  • With these features, VPS brings about the following:
  • Efficiency and reliability – no downtime
  • Flexible bandwidth and file storage – the ability to scale up or down based on demand
  • Server control – customers can decide what they want and customize the service to suit their needs.
  • High-security protocols – is among the most secure web hosting services in Europe
  • Affordable – compared to dedicated hosting, VPS offers value for money. Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers guarantees secure VPS hosting, top-speed servers and an optional cPanel license. The processor, RAM and storage increase based on plan pricing, but IP Addresses and traffic are uniform across the board. Have a look below:


With, customers can use different operating systems, among them Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, CloudLinux and Debian.

Customisable Dedicated Servers

For customers with diverse needs, has 4 custom-made services. The most affordable is the Intel Xeon Gold 5118, which gives the customer an entire server. It has 500 GB SSD storage, 64 GB RAM and 12X2.30 GHz CPU. Large IT companies can go for the 2x Intel Xeon Gold 5118 package, which offers 4TB SSD storage, 256 GB RAM and 24X2.30 GHz CPU.

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Benefits of as a Public Cloud Provider

The great dependability of LuxHosting Cloud VPS is another advantage. This is due to its extensive server network. Clients of LuxHosting often benefit from stronger web hosting security standards as well as devoted support from a highly qualified technical team that is Comptia A+ certified. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our VPS services:

Cost-Saving – Compared to classic computing, a virtual server eliminates hardware that needs purchase and maintenance. Customers pay only for the service needed over time, which begets value for money. In the long run, customers save a significant amount which they can use to improve their online services.

Scalability – Based on demand, a company may require a service upgrade or downgrade. Previously, the process invoked administrative approvals, which took time, hence losing focus on the core mandate. Luxhosting allows customers to pay for the service they require when they require it.

Damage Control – Every action on the public cloud runs through command and control. Data backup and other VPS services are automated, which makes it easier to recover in case of an issue.

Up-to-Date – Public cloud servers are automated and require limited or no human intervention. Security protocols, application monitoring and big data analytics are some of the features that can run in the background.

Reliability and Optimal Resource Utilisation – VPS Customers only need automated infrastructure and applications to run basic services. The process effectively managed day-to-day server activities, leaving the technical staff to handle more strategic activities within the production chain.

Wrap up

LuxHosting is a top hosting provider in Europe that specializes in Cloud VPS, Business Hosting, and Dedicated servers. Certified for both Plesk and cPanel is The cloud hosting company is well situated in Luxembourg, the hub of European business. The company goes to great lengths to choose stable, adaptable, and high-performance hosting solutions that meet the needs of clients in Europe and other parts of the world for their websites and business operations.