Rapid SSL

This Simple and Easy Solution will secure your site quickly. Also known as RapidSSL Standard, DV.


Domain Validation


Warranty: $10,000


In 15 minutes

Rapid SSL

RapidSSL®, a standard in the SSL industry, is a staple. This is a low-cost option for SSL certificates. It’s the standard 256 bit and one of the most widely used Domain Validated SSL certificates (DV) in the world. This certificate is known for its lightning fast issuance and extremely affordable price. It is also recognized by 99+% browsers and is an excellent solution for new websites.




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Rapid SSL
BrandRapid SSL
Fantastic forPersonal
Greenbar cancel
Paperwork cancel
Secureswww.site.com + site.com
Local domains cancel
Mobile support check_circle
Refund15 days
Browser support99,9%
Key length2048 – 4096-bit
EncryptionUp to 256-bit

What Are the Benefits of Rapid SSL


Domain Validation

It’s quick, easy, and cost-effective to install a DV SSL Certificate, this solution provides a basic level security to site visitors by displaying https and activating a padlock icon in web browsers’ URL bar.


Domain Security

This domain control validation (DCV) can be completed in a matter of minutes. A static trust seal, or trust mark, will be available for download.


$10,000 Warranty

This product comes with a $10,000 Warranty. The CA will compensate the end user if the site is not valid, secured, or issued fraudulently by the Certificate Authority (CA).


Free Site Seal

This DV certificate allows you to display a Sectigo Static Seal to show that your site is protected with this SSL brand. It clearly states “Secured By RapidSSL®.”


Multi-Domain Support & SAN

Unfortunately, a standard RapidSSL® Certificate does NOT having a SAN (Multi-Domain Supported Option) option. There is an option to protect multiple sub-domains (e.g. Mail.domain.com and server.domain.com can be secured with a RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate.


Money Back Guarantee

You can get a refund on this certificate within 15 days. This is our way to make sure you get the SSL product that best suits your needs.

Get your customers’ trust by securing your website.

SSL Certification FAQs

What is the time it takes to obtain a RapidSSL certificate?

RapidSSL Certificate have become one of the most sought-after SSL certificates. These certificates are standard DV and can be issued instantly. In this instance, the CA validates domain ownership. This process is quick.

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