6 Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting And How It Works

When it comes to web hosting, the term shared hosting will always popup. If you’re unfamiliar with this web hosting option, we’ll help you out by explaining what it is and offering six benefits of shared web hosting.

Surely, this is not the only hosting option as we offer several other hosting options, but, but today we’d like to focus on the most common option for first-time website owners.

What’s shared web hosting?

A single physical server is used to host several websites using shared web hosting. While your website is private and administratively accessible to only you, all resources are shared with these other sites. Because of this arrangement, the cost of subscribing to Shared Web Hosting is kept low and affordable.

If you have a website that has a high traffic volume, this type of hosting may not be sufficient for you and would require other web hosting options such as VPS, Private web hosting services, business hosting, or Dedicated web hosting.

However, shared web hosting is best suited for small websites or blogs that don’t require high bandwidth or any advanced configuration.

How does shared hosting works?

server rack vps
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Think of Shared Web Hosting as a big bus carrying passengers sharing the same ride. The bus can get packed at times and will make several of stops but the ride will carry on nonetheless. Shared hosting works similar to a bus ride where the resources (the bus) on a server are shared by more than one user (seats on a bus) but you still enjoy all the resources that the server has to offer.

The availability of hard drive space, RAM and processing speed helps to determine how many sites will be housed on a server. Your account files, as well as all of your apps, are stored on the server in different partitions, each with its own file directory tree. You won’t have access to other people’s files and no one will have access to yours.

As stated earlier, shared hosting is fit for those who have start-ups, small businesses, blogs or personal websites. Shared web hosting is a popular choice for persons who are new website owners and new to web hosting as well.

Six advantages of shared web hosting

1. Professionally managed

In general, shared web hosting has a low maintenance characteristic. When you subscribe to hosting services such as LuxHosting.Lu, we take the headache out of keeping your server up and running because we do all the basic administrative tasks. Let us handle the finer details for you. Professional technical assistance is also always available for software updates, hardware upgrades among other things.

2. Hosts multiple domains

You can store more than one domain in your server directory when using shared hosting. Simply, connect your purchased domains to the server and have all your domains managed from a single control panel and on a single shared server.

3. Easily self-managed

Because shared hosting on the simpler side of things, it is very easy and straightforward to set up. As such, you can opt-out of a managed plan and do it yourself. From your control panel, you can manage your website with ease. This is possible because the user interface is user-friendly and easy to sue.

4. Cost-effective

Shared hosting is the least expensive type of hosting that you will come across. The price is just right because you have so many people contributing to the costs of the server. With LuxHosting.com costs start at €200/ month and comes with a myriad of add-ons and benefits.

Learn more about the real costs of hosting domains here.

5. Flexible

If you start out using a shared web hosting plan you can always upgrade whenever you want to.

6. Host dynamic websites

Dynamic websites, as the name suggests have multiple features all working to improve the look and performance of your website. An example of a dynamic website is WordPress. Dynamic websites use alternative programming languages such as Python and PHP. These are also available with our shared web hosting server.

Final thoughts

If you’re building a website on a budget or just going online, deciding on a hosting provider can be difficult. Shared hosting is a low-cost option that can provide the resources that a startup, small business, or personal website requires.

Most shared hosting plans include simple features like a user-friendly cPanel control panel, a custom email account, and web app services. Of course, when taking that first step consider LuxHosting.Lu as your choice for most reliable web hosting service or contact our support for more information.