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What Should I do Before I Transfer my Domain?


Transferring your current domain to our platform is simpler than you think and can be completed in just a few easy steps. Follow our quick and easy guide to transfer your domain. This guide is split into 2 Parts. The first part involves your current Registrar and the second part involves our website.

Required: Before you begin, please ensure that you add DNS hosting to your domain prior to beginning the transfer process. This enables you to manage your DNS zone files and nameservers in the client area on our website during and after the transfer period. 

If you choose not to add DNS Hosting, you’ll need to copy all of the domain’s DNS zone files and nameservers from your current registrar before transfer. Then wait until after a successful transfer to our website to manually update each of these files.

Important Notice! 

You're not eligible to transfer a domain for a 60 - day period after the following events: 
  • Registering or transferring a domain name
  • Updating the registrant contact's organisation
  • Updating the registrant contact's first or last name and an organisation is not listed.

Part 1: Complete these steps with your Current Registrar

  1. Verify Contact Info. This is important as your former registrar may need to contact you via email during the transfer process.
  2.  Cancel Whois Privacy. This only applies if the domain has Whois Privacy enables, you’ll need to cancel it. Check with your previous registrar for more details.
  3. Unlock the domain name.
  4. Get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. NB: if you’re transferring a .uk domain, you need to change the domain IPS tag to ZONAT instead.
 Note: After completing the preparation steps, let some time pass, a day or so, before you initiate the transfer. You can also check the Whois info for your domain. You can do this at or or similar sites, to make sure everything shows up and is correct.

Part 2:  Complete the following steps in the client area on our website.

  1. Purchase a domain name transfer from us.
  2. After you purchase the transfer, you’ll be prompted to unlock the domain and submit an authorization code. Enter the authorisation code in the space provided and follow the prompts to check-out.
Note: The transfer process can take anywhere from 5-10 days to complete.