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How to Configure Microsoft Hosted Exchange Mailbox


Hosted Exchange Support

This article serves to help your setup your new Hosted Exchange Email Service. This requires two distinct steps. First the user must create a custom email with their domain name. Then, Setup the email with the Outlook Web App.

  Note: If you'd like to setup your DNS, please see the article on 'how to setup your DNS for Hosted Exchange Email' first. Then, return to this article to setup your Hosted Exchange Mailbox

Step 1. Create a Custom Email Account

  • Login to your hosting account and select My Product and Services.
  • Select your active “Hosted Exchange Service.
  • From the new Product dashboard, scroll to the bottom and select the blue button entitled “Managing Mailboxes” to create your custom email.

  • Ensure that you enter the following details without errors:

a.      Full Name

b.      Username

c.      Custom email

d.      Password – Create a password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphabetic characters.

e.      Mailbox storage size.

  •     Save the details in the previous step to confirm your new mailbox. Review and continue to Step 2.

Now you should see an option to proceed to the Outlook Web App. Select continue and move to step 2.

Step 2. Setup Custom Email with Outlook Web App.

  •     Enter the custom email and password associated with your Hosted Exchange Mailbox.
  •     Set your time zone and continue to the Outlook WebMail app. You should be able to see the familiar dashboard from Outlook.

  • Test your new email. Send your first test email and start sharing your personalised email address.

Tip: You can download the Outlook App, login with your mailbox credentials to access your emails from any location, collaborate with teams, setup your calendar and more.


Access Outlook from your Hosting Account

To access your mailbox or manage your Hosted Mailbox account after you’ve configured your mailbox, simply do the following:

  • From your Hosted Exchange account, select your active Hosted Exchange Service.
  • From the new Product dashboard, scroll to the bottom and select the blue button entitled “Login to Webmail” to view your current mailbox settings.
  • Clicking the button mention above will take you to the Outlook Login portal.
  • Enter the credentials associated with the account to login to your inbox.