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How Do I Enable Domain Name Auto Renew?

When a domain expires anyone has the option to register the domain name as their own.
Website owners unaware of their expired domain are at risk of permanently losing their websites domain name.

The domain auto renew features guarantees website owners are notified before the domain name expires with the option to renew.

The following support article will show website owners how the domain auto renew feature is enabled!

Find The Domain Name.

  1. First Log-in to the Client Area.
  2. Once logged into the Client Area. Select the Domains option.
    Domain Renew Step 1
  3. Here you can view purchased Domain Names hosted with us. Select the Domain Name you wish to enable auto renew for.
    Domain Name 1

Enable Domain Auto Renew

  1. Under the Manage Tab. Select the option Auto Renew.
    Domain Auto-Renew
  2. Web hosting users that have the Domain Auto Renew feature enabled will be prompted to Disabled Auto Renew.
    Domain Auto-Renew 2
  3. Web hosting users that do not have the Domain Auto Renew feature enabled will be prompted to Enable Auto Renew.
    Domain Auto-Renew 3

Well-Done. The Domain Auto Renew feature has been enabled. Now website owners will be prompted before the domain expires and have the option to renew if required to prevent losing their websites domain name.

Domain Auto-Renew 4