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Verify Domain Contact Information Required by ICANN


This article explains what domain contact information verification is, why ICANN requires it and how to verify your domain.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the non-profit governing body that coordinates domain assignments and accredits generic TLDs.

As a domain provider, we adhere to the rules and policies for domain registration set in the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RRA). ICANN can adjust the RAA which all registrars have to comply with in order to continue selling and managing domain names.

When is email address verification required?

  • When new domains are registered or existing domains transferred using unverified contact information.
  • If unverified contact information is added for a domain contact.
  • Edits are made to an email account used as a domain contact.
  • Your domain provider suspects or is notified that the provided contact information is invalid.

Verify the registrant contact information

If domain contact information verification is required, ICANN will send an email with a confirmation link. You might see a notification upon signing in to you’re the client area to manage the domain. Click the confirmation link from the registrant email. If required, contact us to verify that the email on record is active and accurate.

Login to your Client Area.

Navigate to Domains.

Select the Domain that requires Verification.

Under the Manage Tab select Contact Information.


Click Resend Verification Email.

An ICANN domain contact verification email will be sent to the Registrant’s email account with confirmation link.

The Timeline for Domain Verification.

Domain contact verification process starts when unverified contact information is added during domain registration or is edited within the domain contacts. This process may also begin if we are notified or suspects invalid contact information was provided.

First a verification email is sent to the registrant’s email address containing a confirmation link. Clicking the link completes verification however, if the contact information is not verified warning emails will be issued to the registrant’s email and the associated web hosting account.

If the domain contact information remains unverified after 15 days of the first email notice, the associated domains will be suspended and removed from the DNS (Domain name server).

Important note:
Check spam folders if the email does not appear within your inbox. Please get in touch with our support team if you do not receive the email.