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How do I configure DNS Servers for the Hosted Exchange Service?


The following support article will outline how to set up the Domain DNS Servers to accept Incoming and Outgoing Emails via the Hosted Exchange Service.

*If you already know how to configure the DNS Server but require the Configurations see the table  listed under Number "2" for the Entry Values.

Before you start

  • This support article requires the user to have DNS Host Administrator Access and approximately 30 minutes of time in order to configure servers.  Only Administrators can update a domain DNS Entry.
  • You should also note for servers to properly propagate an additional 24-48 hours is required.

DNS Entry Types

The following DNS entries are configured for the Hosted Exchange service.

  • MX Records let other email service providers know where your mail should be sent. Your MX Records need to point towards the Hosted Exchange service.
  • SPF Records help to safeguard your domain from unwanted spam, spoofing and also ensure sent mail is delivered.
  • Autodiscover Records allow you to set up calendar features and use them effectively.

DNS Server Configuration to send and receive emails

The following steps are used to ensure the domain routes incoming and outgoing emails to the right detestation.

Warning: Host Office 365? You will need to Checkout our Domain Setup instruction guide for Office 365.
  1. Login to your Domain’s DNS Host and access the Control Panel.
  2. Make sure you edit your Domain’s DNS Entry Values to match those in the table below.







@ or left blank


3600 seconds or lowest allowed


@ or left blank


3600 seconds or lowest allowed


@ or left blank

v=spf1 ~all


3600 seconds or lowest allowed




3600 seconds or lowest allowed


  1. Note: For updates to fully propagate 24-48 hours maybe required.
  2. Make sure you save all changes made!

If you following the steps above you will successfully configured your Domain’s DNS Configuration to work with Hosted Exchange Service

 Warning: Upon changing the DNS Settings and pointing connections towards a new server. All existing client devices must be reconfigured to point towards the Hosted Exchange service.