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Learn everything you need to know about domain name registration and management. Get the right domain name for your website with our expert tips.

How Do I Enable Domain Name Auto Renew?

When a domain expires anyone has the option to register the domain name as their own. Website owners unaware of their expired domain are at risk of permanently losing their websites domain name. The domain auto renew features guarantees website owners are notified before the domain name expires with the option to renew. The following support article will show website owners how the domain auto renew feature is enabled! Read more
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How Do I Transfer A Domain Name?

Transfer a domain name that you registered with your previous hosting provider or domain registrar to your web hosting account with us. This support article shows new and existing customers how their domain name can be transferred to the best hosting provider and the steps to take before and after transferring. Index A.Key Domain Transfer Notes. B.Steps to take before requesting a domain transfer Read more
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Verify Domain Contact Information Required by ICANN

This article explains what domain contact information verification is, why ICANN requires it and how to verify your domain. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the non-profit governing body that coordinates domain assignments and accredits generic TLDs. As a domain provider, we adhere to the rules and policies for domain registration set in the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RRA). Read more
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What Should I do Before I Transfer my Domain?

Transferring your current domain to our platform is simpler than you think and can be completed in just a few easy steps. Follow our quick and easy guide to transfer your domain. This guide is split into 2 Parts. The first part involves your current Registrar and the second part involves our website. Required: Before you begin, please ensure that you add DNS hosting to your domain prior to beginning the transfer process. Read more
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