Easy Domain Search & Registration Tools

When it comes to choosing your branded domain name for your website, blog or business it can be a bit daunting and time-consuming. Before even thinking about choosing a domain registrar you need to brainstorm a list of names. Start off with ideas that can work for your brand, business or products and services. Coming up with original ideas is no easy feat. Especially since a lot of domain names have been taken already.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve already thought of the perfect business name but you don’t know where to start. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you had a tool that allowed you to conduct a domain search? How awesome would it be?

Well, if you’ve been wondering the answers to those questions then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will give you the necessary tools to brainstorm a brandable business name, check for domain name availability and tips on choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

Let’s dive in…

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

More than 350 million domain names have already been registered!! So, it can be quite an exhausting exercise to find a new, original domain name. If you have chosen a domain name already and the one you want isn’t available, you’ll need to put in your creative thinking cap and dig deep.

We have a few tips that can help you find the perfect domain name.

1. Go beyond using a .com

The reason to steer clear of .com is that a lot of websites have been registered with this extension. Therefore, a lot of the good ones have been taken. But fortunately, a lot of new, trendy and hip alternative domains are around.
If you have an idea to create a tech website, consider .tech, or .io. The same can be said for professions there is .law, .gov, .team and many more options are out there. Just a blogger? Well, there’s a .site, blow and .online. If these options are not quite you, then connect with your future visitors with a country code TLD like .co.uk, .eu or .lu. Always consider using other extensions until you find the right domain name for you.

2. Use keywords associated with your business

This can boost up your SEO game. You want your website to be search engine optimized. Using keywords associated with your products and services provides a great way to knock down two birds with one stone. These are what we call keywords domains.

3. Avoid hyphens or numbers

Steer clear of using these characters in your domain name! Why? Because it makes it harder for users to remember your website! It also makes it harder to spell and pronounce a name at a glance. Keep it to just letters only. Numbers are okay if you want to make your domain-specific to your local area you may choose to use the area code in the domain.

4. Make your domain memorable

You want your domain name to be remembered by anyone who comes across it. Creating a memorable domain name takes time and skill. Choose a catchy name, isn’t hard to spell and represents your brand and the product and services your business offers.

Brainstorm business and website domain names

During the planning stages, you want to spend enough time brainstorming business/domain names before you begin a domain search. Here are some tools you can use to help you make a list of domain names. We suggest writing a list of options and then narrow it down before choosing the most memorable and brandable domain name for your website and business.

1. Nameboy

When it comes to a domain name generator toll Nameboy is one of the oldest and more reliable tools you can find on the market. When brainstorming ideas, you want to generate as many names as possible. Using Nameboy will help you accomplish this easily and it little to no time.
To use Nameboy, enter the desired keywords or a phrase associated with your business and its brand. Nameboy will then generate a long list of domain names you can choose from.

2. Is It WP: Free Domain Generator

IsItWP has a full suite of useful website tools to choose from, however, we’re more interested in the free domain name generator that enables you to search for a domain name by entering keywords or phrases. IsItWP will create several different domain names based on the keywords you enter. Again, you’re given a myriad of names to choose from.

3. Blog Tyrant

This is a popular source for all things blogging and the site has several free tools that you can use including a domain name generator. The tool will help you search for domain ideas for your selected keyword and phrase. You can click on a domain name to see more details or try a different combination of keywords to get more suggestions.

I’ve found my domain name, now what?

Once you’ve taken the time to find the appropriate domain name you can now conduct a domain search to see if it is available to be registered. You don’t want to waste any time doing this because domains can be snatched up fairly quickly. Many new business owners are online doing the same thing you’re doing and you don’t want to miss out on registering your brand-new domain name.

To conduct a domain search, you want to use a registrar like luxhosting.com. This way you can readily find out its availability and register it at the same time. But I don’t have a website yet. You don’t need to have a website to purchase a domain name. You can simply set one up after you find a domain.

What we recommend

After choosing a name you need to go over to our domain search tool find out if it is still available. If it is register it right away! We suggest registering your domain name for a minimum of 2 years. Also be sure to choose the auto-renew option, to secure your domain. Getting your perfect domain doesn’t have to be hard. It’s as simple as reading this blog post.