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The real costs of hosting a website and domain

The cost to buy and host your domain can vary from less than €100/year to hundreds, or millions of euros depending on the domain and hosting option. There are many different hosting options to choose from with the monthly price depending on the services you require. This article will explore the costs of hosting a website and domain and why and how these costs may vary.
1. Buy a web domain
2. Find reliable hosting
3. Create your website design and content.
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create a non-profit website

How to create an awesome Non-Profit Website

Ready to create a non-profit website to support your cause? Use these tips for creating a nonprofit website -from establishing your association’s identity to obtaining supporters to grow awareness about your cause.
1. Have a Clear Mission and Identity
2. Capture the Attention of your Collaborators
3. Facilitate Fundraising
4. Quick and Easy Recruiting
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