Cloud Backup

What is web based backup and how does it work?

Hackers and cybercriminals tactics continue evolving with the changes in internet security and attacking back-up systems is one of them. In the past, cybercriminals used ransomware to target the best of backup systems, making traditional methods of backup obsolete. Having a powerful cloud backup system can help website owners safeguard their data should their company fall victim to a cyber attack. Read more

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10 Incredible Web Based Backup Tips for Small Businesses

Web based backup is essential for securing your website. To help you stay on top of your website’s security, here are ten of our best cloud backup tips!
Use Acronis backup to supplement your portable hard drives
Make sure you have a strong password
Choose the right cloud service provider
Invest in the best cloud backup you can find
Have a disaster recovery plan
Test your backup. Read for more tips! Read more