6 Things To Know About Social Blade For Business

There is said to be an exception to every rule. So is the case with Social Blade as they pride themselves in being the “go-to place” for online statistics. Unlike your high school statistics class which you may have found nauseatingly boring, this is the exception to the rule.

If you are a business owner with a website, you probably would have noticed that analytics/statistics is your best friend. To build and maintain your business, you will need to know your daily/monthly traffic, visibility, your audience’s opportunity to grow and so on. If you also operate your business through social media, there is also a strong need for analytics. This is where Social Blade comes in. In this article we share 6 clear facts about Social Blade and how it can benefit your business. First things first.

What is Social Blade?

There are many websites online geared at different services and products. With Social Blade, the primary focus is to generate statistics for businesses while measuring growth across social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.

Social Blade has said they wish to “become your go-to place for monitoring the following of your online presence.”

Six Things To Know About Social Blade

How does this benefit your business and why do you need to know about Social Blade? Well here are 6 things you need to know.

1. What Is The Social Blade Ranking All About?

In the starting stages of Social Blade, rankings were based on subscribers primarily and the number of views. After realizing that this approached was flawed as it didn’t reflect how persons are really doing on YouTube, Social Blade deployed another strategy. The truth is, a user could have many subscribers gained by questionable means yet their videos didn’t have a substantive amount of views.

Social Blade therefore created a system that measures the influence of a channel based on different parameters. These included Average View Counts and Widget listings under the Amount of ‘other channel’.

Your influence on YouTube is measured by Social Blade accordingly: A+, A, or A-A + being very influential.

2. Are Social Blade Views Different From YouTube Analytics?

For Social Blade to work effectively, they retrieve data from YouTube’s public API. This simply means that to serve the millions of Social Blade users, they aggregate the information over a period of days versus instantaneously. Also to generate the data into useful information in the right formatting, this takes a bit of time.

With that said, SB cannot be considered a YouTube Analytics replacement but an analytics source that runs alongside your YouTube Analytics.

3. How does Social Blade promote my channel?

To begin with, you may also ask “Is Social Blade a good partner?” As a partner, there are many benefits you are privy to. As a partner, your membership is treated as high priority and as such you will be featured by Social Blade. With the millions of page views per month, Social Blade would be the ideal place to carry out promotional interests.

Within the Social Blade platform, a sidebar allows automatic rotation of videos from partners and daily the SB team decides upon different partners to feature and place them at the front of the pack. This includes featuring them on their homepage and also adding them to a special section of the sidebar for optimal exposure. In this stead, on the SB dashboard, you will get access to numbers that reflect how often you were featured. A general tip to maximize this tool is ensure your thumbnails are engaging so as to gain the interest of viewers.

4. How Is The Payment Split?

The revenue share at Social Blade is dependent on your views per month (on average). The split is usually from 70/30 to 90/10.

5. How Far Back Are Stats Available?

In recent times i.e. in 2017, the time users could go back to was put at the start of them being on the platform. However, to comply with the regulations of EU privacy, in 2017 YouTube indicated that statistics data would only be available for the last 3 years.

6. Requirements for YouTube Partnership through Social Blade

Again, there are many persons who ask daily “Is Social Blade a good partner?” Based on the information provided so far you can also possibly provide an answer to that question. However, there are some requirements for YouTube partnership through Social Blade.

  • Your channel should have at least 250k views/month (on average 9k views/day over a 30-day period)
  • The legally binding contract is valid for a duration of a year which is after a 30-day trial. (No lock in)
  • Royalty free media is recommended on your channel to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Additionally, YouTube partnership requirements need you to have at least 1k subscribers and a minimum of 4000 hrs (240k mins) of watchtime within the last 365 days.

If these requirements are met, that simply means you are eligible for Partnership!

Final thoughts

Social Blade in itself is an interesting platform to help build your business. It provides great analytics that you can look at to make the right decisions which will lead to your business reaching the right target group, sharing the ideal content and growing at a rate that is beneficial to you. There are alternatives such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Socialbakers, Zoho Social, Agorapulse and so on. Making the choice in which direction to go will ultimately depend on you.

With that said, there are 3 important things left to note. Firstly, do check if you have the best hosting plan for your business. If there are additionally questions you may about Social Blade, you may view a list online and get up to speed. Lastly, having read the article we do hope you are more aware of Social Blade and some of its benefits and also that when you hear the word statistics again, you won’t run away but embrace its many paybacks. With that said, happy analyzing!

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