How to Use a Sitebuilder to Create your Own Website

Even as a beginner you can have your website up in no time with the use of a good website builder. Today we’ll look at the pros and cons of website builders. We’ll also help you learn how access and use your sitebuilder that comes with your LuxHosting web hosting package. First, what’s a sitebuilder?

What is a Sitebuilder Builder?

A website builder is an all-in-one tool that makes it possible for persons to create a professional website quickly. Using the drag and drop website builder technology, you can build pages and create beautiful layouts without any coding knowledge. It comes with tons of pre-designed templates for you to choose from. Its intuitive editor facilitates easy customisation of these templates for the ideal blog or business site.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]Online Website Builder[/text]

With an online website builder you can access and edit your website using a web browser. You aren’t required to download the site building software. It is cloud-hosted which makes it possible to access it from anywhere in the world once there is an internet connection.

Offline Website Builder

An offline website builder has to be downloaded and the files are stored locally on your computer. This makes it possible to work on your website even when there’s no internet service. However, because you are responsible for uploading your files it will require some technical knowledge and experience.

Why Do People Use Website Builders?

For starters, it’s easy to use and it gives you complete control over the look, feel and functionality of your website. The efficient, intuitive tools website builders use aren’t reserved for beginners only. Even web developers use easy website builders to create sites for clients.

Website builders are great for small businesses and blogs. Some of the reasons persons choose to use a website builder include:

  • No technical Knowledge is required
  • It takes a short time to publish your website
  • It’s pre-programmed, leaving less room for error
  • Affordability
  • Low Maintenance
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Advantages of Sitebuilders

If you want to launch a website quickly while on a tight budget, a website builder is a perfect way to make it happen. Website builders have several advantages, which include:

[text color=”#00E4FF”]1. No Coding Skills Needed[/text]

This is the biggest advantage of website builders. The fact that you don’t need to know or understand anything about coding to create a stunning website is amazing. You don’t have to learn programming and you don’t need to hire a web developer either.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]2. Cheap, Fast and Efficient[/text]

Website builders provide a quick solution to your site creation problems. If you are just starting out and want to create a personal blog or a webpage for your start-up, website builders are the answer. They are extremely cheaper than hiring a web designer or developer. This will save you thousands of dollars. Plus, website builders are fast and efficient, making it possible for you to create and launch your website within an hour.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]3. Flexibility and Convenience[/text]

By using an online website builder you can create and edit content as well as update plugins from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also do this using multiple electronic devices, including your smartphone.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]4. Design Skills Not Required[/text]

The first thing that visitors to your site will see is its aesthetics, how appealing and captivating it is. You need particular colours, fonts and images to draw people in. If you are clueless in this department, an easy website builder will save the day. You’ll have the option of choosing a stunning template for your website from a vast and ever-growing catalogue.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]5.Disadvantages of Website builders[/text]

Website builders are awesome and make website creation stress-free and simple. However, it’s not perfect and so has a number of disadvantages as well. These include:

[text color=”#00E4FF”]6. Limited Pages[/text]

A free website builder may have a limit on the total number of pages you are permitted to create unless you upgrade to a premium package. For some this is not an issue, however, if you generate lots of content then it can pose a problem. Limited pages, make it difficult to optimise your content with all the necessary keywords. This can result in less traffic for your site.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]7. Not Custom Designed[/text]

Some website builders aren’t custom designed. As a result, the templates may look generic. It’s possible that a number of website builders don’t facilitate the optimisation of mobile devices making it difficult for persons to navigate the site outside of a PC. You need to ensure that you use a website builder that is advanced with features to fully customise and optimise your website to facilitate top performance on all devices.

[text color=”#00E4FF”]8. Difficult To Perform Site Migration[/text]

A number of website builders don’t offer the option of transferring your website to another platform. That’s because each website builder has its own script and programme that it uses to run its application.

Create A Website with Luxhosting Easy Sitebuilder

You’ve just made of the best decisions as it relates to your website- you have chosen one of our hosting plans. We offer excellent, fast and affordable web hosting plans that come fully equipped with our very own sitebuilder tool.

It’s time for your next step, but you aren’t sure how to create a website. No problem, we’re here to help. Accessing our sitebuilder is easy. First, log into your LuxHosting account. Once you do, go to Services and click on it. It will direct you to the Product and Services page, select the Beginner Site Builder plan or the one you have activated. Scroll to the Website Builder button and click it. Here you can start editing right away. We offer access to over 200 templates; once you select the one that suits you, customise it by adding texts and images. Drag and drop icons and designs, save for later or publish right away.

If you already have a website that you want to transfer to our platform, we can have it done in seconds. After logging into your Luxhosting account, Go to New/Reset icon and then click Import. The other option of migrating your website is just as simple, go to Change Template, and scroll to Website Import and type in your domain name and then click on Import. Additionally, all of our site builder plans come with hosting.


Make your own website in minutes with an easy website builder. It’s perfect for beginners and professional developers as well. There is no time for any more excuses, not when a site builder makes website creation so easy. However, if it sounds too good to be true and way too simple, don’t just take our word for it, that it’s easy to make you own website. Why don’t you check out our demo version and see for yourself?