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Use BitNinja’s user-friendly full-stack server security suite to keeps systems stable and reduces server load.



What’s BitNinja Server Security for?

First, BitNinja is a multi-layered software which guarantees the security of your server hosting. It offers Realtime IP Reputation- which protects your hosting server from already known malicious addresses, protection against data breaches, cyber-attacks and helps to block both automated and targeted cyber-attacks.  
Our agent also includes a Malware Scanner module for detecting previously infected files on your server. BitNinja also includes a WAF module to prevent incoming attacks on known vulnerabilities in Web Applications, such as SQL injections, remote and local file inclusions, and other attacks. 

How does BitNinja Security Work?

For Linux web servers, this is the most comprehensive server security package available.


Eradicate risks of hacked CMSs deployed on your web servers.


Safeguard hundreds of sites, email accounts, FTP servers, and applications with one service.


Filters and removes malicious traffic to lower your server load by 33%.


Reduces 98% of server alerts and customer dissatisfaction.

Blocks All Cyberattacks with BitNinja's


Under Attack

BitNinja DoS Detection works in conjunction with our AntiFlood Module to identify IP addresses commonly used in DoS attacks and blacklist them for a longer time.


CMS Hacked

Don't waste time removing infected files. All incoming requests are filtered by BitNinja Web Application Firewall 2.0 (WAF 2.0), and all hacked CMS attacks are rejected. 


Blacklisted Server

If BitNinja detects too many concurrent connections, it will add the IP address to its Blacklisted Server for 60 seconds. Once cleared, the IP goes on the grey list for valid users to delist. 


Phishing Sites

BitNinja filters and detects suspicious software which it then sends to quarantine preventing them from inflicting damages to your server. 


Outbound Spam

The log analytics module in BitNinja can quickly detect and prevent brute force attacks such as directory traversal, SQL injection, and spamming. 

What's included in your BitNinja plan?


per mo/hosted user

*All our prices exclude VAT, and will be added where applicable.

  • Anomaly/Malware Detection
  • Web Traffic Monitoring 
  • Server Monitoring
  • Bot Detection
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Event Logs
  • Decrease False Positives
  • IT Incident Management
  • Multiple System compatibility
  • 30 Second Installation

Well-suited for these services


Without Control Panel


Without Control Panel

Reinforce Your Security with these key features



The denial-of-service (DoS) attack is a well-known hacking tactic. BitNinja's DoS Detection module can automatically detect and greylist application-level DoS attacks. It keeps track of the number of concurrent incoming and outgoing connections and employs a novel method of preventing DoS attacks.



Malware Detection from BitNinja can automate this process for trouble-free security against threats to your server's web and CMS applications. The new Malware Detection module, patent pending, is a low-resource technique to identify obfuscated malware upload attempts while reducing false positive rate.


Trusted Proxy

Website visitors frequently use proxies, similar to botnets. As a result, identifying the true IPs behind an attack and not blocking any departing nodes is critical. Our Trusted Proxy feature helps us achieve a low false-positive rate and a high overall success rate.


Log Analysis

BitNinja monitors your server logs, including Auth log, MySQL, Exim, Apache, NginX, CPanel, and others. It halts further hostile acts as soon as it detects any suspicious activity. BitNinja is designed to be user-friendly; you will not have to worry about providing the path to your logs because our zero-configuration setup will do it for you.



The BitNinja WAF module applies a suggested ruleset to all requests by default, but you can change the level of strictness by domain or URL. You can also disable the WAF on a per-domain basis. You can fine-tune parameters and ensure a legal false positive rate with automated false positive reporting.


Defense Network

When a BitNinja-protected server detects or stops a malicious request, the information is sent to the BN cloud data center. They immediately examine the security logs and provide the attacker's IP address to all of your has a good Defense Network


Why Use BitNinja Security?

Sever Hacks Are Expensive!

Every 30 minutes, hackers attempt to attack servers and websites. On average, 1,300 attacks per day are launched against servers. Malware, data loss, and CMS hack cause you to lose control of your servers and pay expensive bills for repairs.

Designed To Keep Servers Secure 24/7

BitNinja Security keeps your Linux server clean so you focus on building a profitable business. This multi-layered security suite detects and prevents server attacks at all threat levels. Install this proactive defense in just 5 minutes, to improve the reputation of your IP address, achieve system stability and lower server load. It will also

Multi-Layered Serve Security

BitNinja protects servers with multi-layered security against: WordPress hacks and password cracking, malware infection, forum spam, SQL injections, and data theft. BitNinja’s security combines the best security technologies into a single, easy-to-use program to help you curb attacks and stay ahead of cyber-criminals.

BitNinja’s Multi Award-winning Cybersecurity Platform


Security as a Service Solution


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Shield your server security with BitNinja.

Frequently Asked Questions About BitNinja - (FAQs)

What is Server Security?

Server security refers to the tools and processes used to safeguard valuable assets and data on an organization's servers and the server's resources. To make money, cybercriminals frequently look for flaws in server security. Servers store sensitive data.

What exactly does BitNinja do?
What does BitNinja not do?
How do I install BitNinja on my Linux server protection? 

You must launch BitNinja's terminal and enter the one-line code. This code will detect the server's operating system and install BitNinja in minutes. You receive a login to BitNinja along with a one-line code upon signup.

Is it possible to transfer my license to a new server?
How does BitNinja defend against DDoS attacks?
How does BitNinja keep track of its users?
What exactly are server threats?
What do you get with your BitNinja plan?

BitNinja SiteProtection gives you complete control over the security of your website. Your domain can be scanned for security flaws and malware. SitePotection constantly monitors your websites to ensure that they are always accessible.

When you get the Pro plan: 
. You can protect an unlimited number of URLs with URL protection. 
. Scan for penetration daily 
. Button "I am under attack" (coming soon). 
. Phishing Content Removal Tool that is Automated (coming soon)